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Jerome's Furniture / Diamond Clover Twin bed set

1 San Diego, CA, United States Review updated:

Two months ago I bought a twin extra long pillow top mattress from Jerome's furniture on Morena Blvd. in San Diego. The sales person convinced me that I should have this fancy Diamond Clover Twin bed set with a plush top. He said it was a great mattress for side sleepers like myself. Well in less than two months time the mattress has softened to the point were it gives poor support. I wake up with chest aches and back aches and have to take ibuprofen to be able to function and not be in pain. I called the called the customer service department and they sent out a Sleepteks America Mattress technician who did a few measurements and told me I would have my "answer" in a week. Today I got a denial letter in the mail saying my complaint is unfounded. I called the service department back and they tell me there is absolutely nothing I can do. No refund, no exchanges because I have had the mattress for two months.

I feel terribly cheated. I only wanted a mattress that would give me a good night's sleep. This mattress with this stupid pillow top is way too soft. The sales person really pushed this pillow top stuff like it was the greatest thing but it softens up in no time and gives you no support. I am going to look into the laws and see if I can sue Jerome's for fraud.

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  • Sw
      14th of Dec, 2010
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    Hi There,

    This is to agree with the top post. I have had a similiar experience with Jeromes yet I paid alittle over $2k for this mattress which is supposed to be Jeromes equivalent to Temperpedic. This mattress is the cool mattress which allows the user to not be hot and also provides support for the back..."or so I thought"! I am a new buyer at this and when I initially bought this mattress I was excited etc. Not to long after I began to notice pains in my lower back...what is going on????? I noticed it was from the bed and the support etc, so I called Jeromes and got there customer service who basically are trained to tell people to piss off in a nice way using the " you had a 5 day trial" that if you didn't like it you could've returned it etc. Five days????? I dont remember the salesman telling me that! To me it seems that everything Jeromes says is to protect Jeromes and really not favor the customer. Sure they will have someone come out but what about my pain now????? This needs to be resolved now not in two to three weeks. So I let it go by and a couple more months go by and it seems that this temperpedic mattress is getting worse, sagging in the middle everything, lower back pain you name it. So I call them again today and ofcoarse get the run around, same old thing, you had 5 days to return it, the warranty doesn't cover a return yada, yada, yada and there is nothing we can do except send someone out there. When I asked to speak to a manager I had to wait pretty much the entire day up until 8:30 pm for some lady to call me only to reiterate that there isn't anything they can do, same old rubbish. Is this how you take care of someone who has paid around 2K for a mattress? All I was wanting to do was downgrade and get a regular mattress which is there hardest brand for my back. It would be cheaper and I wouldn't have to keep paying on this mattress. When I told the lady that they said " Oh Nooooooo You would have to exchange at the same cost or higher". Even after I have paid nearly 50% of this mattress off? This truly has been one of the worst experiences of my life with this company. After this ordeal I will never shop there again.

  • Su
      24th of Feb, 2011
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    Sounds like a comfort issue and not a bed issue.

  • En
      14th of Feb, 2012
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    In Feb '11 we bought a Jerome's Cal-King Diamond Mulbery No-Sag bed set. 2 months later it began to sag. We called and they sent Sleepteks America out. 3/4 inch one side and 7/8 sag on the other. 4 months later I called and they sent Sleepteks out again. They measured a snapping of coils level 2.2. The sag has to be 1.5 inch sag for the manufacturer to replace it under warranty. No info on the level of snapping coils that would warrent a replacement. I have learned that Sleepteks America is hired by Simmons, Serta, Jerome's, Mor, Ashley furniture. I also have learned that there is only 1 tech who handles all of these companies for all of San Diego County. I am awaiting a response to a request for a 3rd inspection/ 2nd opinion.

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