Jeremy WhitingAsus pc, auto restart during hours of "inactivity"...

On the day of 1/30/17, i was in the middle of an online exam when my pc notified me that a restart would take place during hours of inactivity, only to receive a later message saying it was taking place in minutes?... ! Got kicked out of the exam and ultimately failed!... This class cost me $1500 dollars, cp and stuff was about $800. That's how much you spend to have the university, service provider and computer companies play hot potato just to place blame on the user?!!!... ####! Next time i will spend more for better service?... If you have a charge, and your currently using device it should never interupt the user's ability to control the device!!! Common gd sense! Hate computers, if i still need a hard wired connection, pc's are to high-tech devices, what giant fans are to energy production (Coal)... ! Stupid!

Feb 01, 2017

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