Jeremy mosser / I've been scammed and want my money back

1 7553 44th Ave SW., Seattle, WA, 98136, Seattle, WA, United States

I thought I was buying a car. I was asked to send money to Jeremy mosser the agent The representative agent $2, 350. After I sent that money and they received they asked for $1, 175 a fee b/c the vehicle was too heavy and needed to be insured they said I would get they money back once the car was shipped to my add..once I felt like I was being scammed I asked to speak to someone of the phone and the basically vanished stopped answering my emails both the seller and Ebillme. The seller name from I was told was Ricky Walsh . Please I just wants my money back... I'm begging for your help. I'm out of money and a car.

Mar 17, 2014

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