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jeremy kyle show / programme sponser

1 England, East Anglia, United Kingdom Review updated:

Can Jeremy Kyle explain as to why a gambling website is sponsering this supposed help talk show which basis a lot of its programmes on gambling.
It is utterly unbelievable and as for the straight talking Graham, get another job, you are rubbish

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  7th of May, 2009
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Hello Jeremy,
I am absolutely amazed with whats going on in our country today, in paticularly teenage mothers alcahol abuse and drugs, to my way of thinking the benefit agency are fueling these habits, If this government said enough is enough and got all these individuals out to work, there wouldnt be so many illigitamate children born, because its hard work supporting one, they would gain self respect and have more quallity time with there child, In the 60s you had to work and support any illigitamate child that was born, the nurseries were open from 7am till 7pm, at 3 the child was into nursery and the mother was in a job, it would cut down child abuse, Ed Balls said we need more social workers, no we dont, we need more nurseries, more employment,
did you know alot of couples are using the benefit agency as a second income, Bristol is rife with these arrangments, as soon as a women has a baby now theres no question of the father supporting his off springs, the women goes straight on benefits, the daily express quoted that marriage was down 47% in the last 2 decades, da I wonder why, the benefit cheque book is more appealing, I am sick of all this crap, Lana Overton Bristol

  22nd of Jun, 2009
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I think Jeremy is an absolute joke, who the hell does he think he is??

Im just watching him lay into guest after guest when it even seems plausible to the watching audiense that whoever is feeling the brunt of his comments are being demoralized broken down. Your a joke, an ex alchy...right...? well you think this prat would understand its hard for people and he is a presenter and should leave certian aspects to his after care team not his big thick mouth

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