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i go to the jenny lea school of cosmetology and aestetics and my loan money is being held and they will not let me have it.They are holding it and some students that go there told me that they are not supposed to hold my money.They have done it to several of the students there.The school is not as good as people think. i want to know what i can do about this..See Top 10 Worst Companies in Johnson City, TNI am aware they can hold financial aid money, but i have to pay my loans back and i don't understand how they can hold something that is mine.The school is located in johnson city but every letter i've gotton has a kentucky address on it there is not even anything about the johnson city location on the internet..I don't understand what they are doind.They rip everyone off at the school.

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  • Aa
      Jan 14, 2014

    Report it to the Office of Inspector General for the board of education. It's happening to my sister and her classmates too.
    oig.[protected] - thats a start. Hopefully they will be investigated. Here is their number also-[protected].

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  • Ta
      Aug 04, 2014

    My wife quit at the JC one two years ago. She was half way done at the time. We moved back home this year. She was wanting to go back to a different school. But Jenny lea said we would have to pay 4 thousand out of pocket before they would release her hours. The school was already paid for to begin with. How can they still charge 4gs to release her hours. Jenny Lea is a rip off and a joke!!!

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  • Ch
      Dec 12, 2014

    Jenny Lea Academy cannot, and does not hold any ones money, if you had not received it the school had not received it. There is a prerequisite of hours and weeks that have to be obtained before you can receive this money and when you have passed that benchmark the monies are awarded, not before. And as for the payment before hours are released, you would have had to sign a contract. If you drop from the program some financial aid would have to be returned to the dept of ed that was issued to you so you would be held liable for that portion. Just saying...

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  • Ve
      Dec 12, 2014

    I attended Jenny Lea Academy and it was a great experience, I made a lot of friends, completed my program on schedule, and received all my monies promptly. I am now licensed in my field, and was fully prepared for the theory and practical portions of the state board exams. So I say Kudos to Jenny Lea Academy and their staff for all the help and encouragement received. And if you are writing bad reviews I think you did not check the facts and you were not aware of the way the programs works or you did not read the contract before you signed it... JLA Rocks

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