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I was also conned by her. I purchased my yorkie in September of 2008. Prior to purchasing my yorkie I explained to Jennifer how important it was to me that my puppy did not come from a puppy mill. I told her that I wanted to see the puppy's parents. I told her that I would only buy a puppy from someone that owned the parents. Jennifer proceeded to show me a male and female yorkie and assured me that they were my puppy's parents. I even took pictures of these dogs thinking that they were the parents. I purchased the puppy from her based on this representation.

A few weeks later, I received the AKC papers in the mail and noticed that the puppy was born in Arkansas. I contacted the breeder listed on the AKC papers who confirmed that Jennifer had purchased 3 puppies from her for approximately $500 per puppy (I paid over $2, 000). This breeder told me that she had "a bad feeling about Jennifer." She said she was not surprised that Jennifer had turned around and sold the puppies for profit.

I contacted Jennifer following this discovery but she ignored my phone calls and emails. While I love my baby, I too am deeply saddened that I supported this trashy, uneducated puppy broker.


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      Aug 02, 2009

    But it sounds like the puppy mill was more honest than the person who sold you the pups.

    I hope your puppy is healthy and that you are happy with your yorkie. In the end, that's the most important thing.

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