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Jennifer Petkus / Puppy died

1 p.o. box 1Cazenovia, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 608-604-5858

My family had been looking to adopt a Chihuahua for quite some time. We finally decided to adopt but wanted to adopt from a rescue. We thought we were doing the right thing. I looked and looke for a rescue with Chihuahua's. When I came along The Thyme and Sage Ranch's website I was very impressed with her mission statment and felt like I had found the right place.

I called and talked with Jennifer. She seemed very kind and concerned about the dogs. We filled out the info and were told that we could get our new puppy in two week when she would be 8 weeks old.

That day finally came we drove 2 hours to get her. My family was so excited. It was myself and my three children ages 10 and 8. When we arrived there alot of people there to adopt we were told the puppies were outsidr by the tree. We could go and pick out the one that we wanted. Me and my kids held all of them and then decided on the one that we wanted.

We then went inside and she clipped her nails and sprayed her with what she called doggy perfume. I paid my money and she filled out a form and stated that the dog had a number of vaccinations. She told to make sure that she was eating and drinking and having good poppes.

We made our trip home she rode very well in her crate. We got home she was a little shy the first night but after that she was getting peppier every day. She was eating well and going outside. She had normal stools maybe not hadr but definaly not diarrhia. So we thought eveything was ok.

Saturday the 12 of September we put her in her crate to go to bed at night. The next mornign we went to get her out and she was stiff and not breathing. My family was obviously in shock that she had been just fine the night before.

I contacted Jennifer that day. She told me that she didnt know what to say but my family was more then welcome to come and get another dog. I thanked her and said I would discuss that with my chidren.

I contacted her on Monday of the next week to say that we had decided that we wanted to get another puppy. She at that time had changed her tune. She said that she needed to try to figure out what happen to the puppy and that she wasn't sure that she should place another dog with us. I was so upset that she would think that we had done anything to this dog. Then she told me that she would have to charge me at least half to get another puppy. Since she didnt feel she had done anything.

My family has been so devistated by this experience.

One of my co-workers had adopted a puppy also and her dog was rushed to the vet and also has coccidia. Luckly they feel that they found it in time.

I have been in contact with the Richland County Sheriffs department and filed a claim with them. I will do what I can to make sure that other family's don't have to go through what mine has.

Please anyone that is reading this if you have experieced the same contact the Richland County Sheriff's Department and make a claim.

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