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Seems to me people that we may have enough complaints about Jennifer Jones and her Home job placement agency.

I too bought into the program it did sound legitimate and as everyone else stated nothing new in the informational binder that set me back 197.00. I tried to be positive about this experience but now doing more research seems she has conned many people.

So here's what I am proposing ...
A class action law suit we can get all the people that were taken by Miss Jennifer Jones and sue her and the company.

I have already reached out to some attorney's I'm just waiting to hear back from them

So who's with me on this?


Lets do something


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  • 4e
      14th of Apr, 2010

    Alex...feel free to include me..Jennifer almost makes one lose faith in the human race..I hail from New Zealand, and got sucked in badly this morning $187 USD, converted back to NZ currency a total of $350..I'm not laughing..have receipts here as proof..Keep me in the loop..and goodluck..

    Glenda Rakei...

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  • Mo
      13th of May, 2010

    I have been getting emails from Jennifer Johnson and I've been wondering if it was really good to try it or not. Thank you for your posting about her, that helps me. I wish you good luck getting all of your money back.

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  • Al
      14th of Jul, 2010

    Hello Glenda

    Please notify all who have been taken by this scam and who are seeking action.

    Here is the link to where you can find the complaint.
    Look under my name Alejandro or Jennifer Jones and lets get the ball rolling

    And remember “Strength in numbers”!

    Have a wonderful day

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