jehangir hospital / Billing fraud

1 pune, India

This hospital have good doctors but worst billing system. My daughter Ayushi M. was admitted in this hospital. We got 70K as estimated price with private AC room but At the time of admission room was not available and they pushed me for higher category and just 500 rs, room rent increased my total billing by 45% (1 Lac). This is completely business as you will not get anytime your require category and they always push for higher. Apart from this, They charge 10% administrative expenses as inflation charges. This charge is not acceptable by insurance company. Third they charge you admission charges even you admit "N" of times with registration. Fourth They offer 10% discount to your insurance company by back door. I tried to raise this issue with senior management Mr. Fadke, Dr. Mahesh and Manisha Bobde but did not get any answer. Please do not go to this hospital.

May 24, 2015

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