Jefferson Auto RepairSwindle and Price Hiking

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There are many shady auto repair places, very few good ones. Jefferson Auto Repair are among the worst. I went to them already knowing what I needed to be fixed, had two mechanics already check the engine out. I went in for a $500 job that turned into an $889 job. They were going to charge me $200 for a car battery that I could have obtained anywhere else for $75.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Temecula, CA Not to mention they claimed they wouldn't charge me storage fees while I was in the hospital, and they called the finance company to have the car repossessed because the PREVIOUS owner was behind on the car notes, after telling them I would give them the rest of the money after I got out of the hospital. I would avoid Jefferson Auto Repair at all costs and tell anybody to go anywhere else.

Jan 21, 2015
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  • Mk
      Jan 21, 2015

    #1- You are mistaking the AUTO REPAIR PLACE for a AUTO PARTS STORE... The battery might be $75 at a parts store, then the repair center marks it up about 75% or more and charges you labor to replace it. That's like saying a steak at the store cost $10 but a restaurant over charged because it cost $30 after they buy it and cook it.
    #2- What is being behind a car note have to do with storage fees or the car being repossessed if they are the repair place???

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