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I was after a power steering pump for my 94 Jeep Wrangler. Called up Jeep Republic, the owner said they had one and to come pick it up. I drove 40 miles round trip. Was greeted by the owner who showed me the pump but it did not look like the right one. He then led me to the back of the parts shop where he had multiple pumps. I found what I thought might work and asked the mechanic standing nearby if he would walk out and look at my wrangler to verify it's compatibility. He said "yes, it will bolt right on".

Here's where it get interesting...

I walked back in the store and was again greeted by the owner who asked me if I found what I was looking for. I told him his mechanic said it would bolt on. He said "that's out of a Cherokee not a Wrangler". I replied by saying I'm not sure what pump I actually need and I'm relying on your expertise to guide to the right one.

He then began some sort of psychological game with me telling me "Guys like you don't know what you're doing, do you" Then he would laugh. He said this three or four times. I wasn't sure what he was implying or if he was joking?

Then he said "Let's write up a work order, we'll make sure it works if we install it." I answered with a No all I want is the part I called about. He then told me I don't what I'm doing and "Let's write up a work order".

I was still, at this point, going along with what I thought was a joke - he then said "Come on, I'll walk you out." And approached me as if he was driving me to the door.

I asked, you're not going to sell me the part? He replied "Nope, get out of here."

I have to say this was one of the most bizarre encounters I have had and the kind of berating comments were extremely personal. I'm not sure what this guy's issue was but I would not wish this experience on anyone.

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  • Cu
      29th of Aug, 2012

    The guy's a fing TOOL!!! This place is a joke. Save yourself the headache and go somewhere else...You'll be thankfull.

    Went there for a part they said over the phone they had. So drove 20min to get it. Once there, there was no one in the front. Spent 5 min waiting and nothing. Headed out back to the shop to get some help and spoke to, what I assume was the owner. Spoke to him very politely, as I needed some help from him. Walked out to the car so he could tell me if the noise I was hearing was the part I needed. He listened for a bit, but he seemed very uninterested in helping me out...I dismissed this as just a bad day for him so I carried on. He told me there are several diameters for that part and I needed to take it out to see which one he would sell me. Being the only car at my disposal and the 20min drive, I asked him if I could barrow a screwdriver to take it out. He replied "NO, we do not lend out tools". He literally expected me to go home, take out the part, and figure out a way to come back to get the "used" part (didn't have a new one)...a friggin screwdriver!!! Anyway, as he walked away and I was walking to catch up to understand what was going on, I happened to come up next to him and I put my hand on his shoulder so I would not fall trying to reach him, Well, he turned around and told me to "have a nice day". I laughed a bit because that was a bit weird for me. He began to walk away again and turned around once he got back in the shop and said "don't touch me, don't ever touch me". I apologized, but still wanted to see what we were going to do about the part, but he just turned away and went back in the shop. I left with no part and somewhat of a twilight zone experience.

    This was unfortunate for him, because I wanted to look for an engine to be put in to my other vehicle and fix all the little problems this one had. I thought I had a good shop, but I was way wrong. This guy is a do*che to say the least. I don't understand how people like him make money from the public, but I can assure you he won't get a penny from me. Not even if his life depended on it.

    He might be a great mechanic, but how could he if he a) doesn't help out potential customers b) treats them like @ss c) doesn't know what part goes in to a jeep when he's looking at the friggin jeep...this was the most perplexing thing. He kept asking me questions about the jeep when he's right there. Really?!?! and you call yourself a jeep professional...yeah, right!!!

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  • Fa
      15th of Jun, 2016

    Hello, My name is Andre and I have been a Jeep owner and enthusiast for many years. In my years as a “Jeeper” I have dealt with many repair shops, salvage yards, and Jeep offroad specialty shops, and out of all of them, there has only been one place that has treated me fairly, are extremely knowledgeable and experienced with not only my Jeep, but all Jeep applications and this business is Jeep Republic Park 4X4. The quality of parts, service and repairs here is beyond reproach.

    I have read many other reviews about Jeep Republic stating they are rude, poor customer service and poor attitudes. To all these other reviewers i.e.”sore-heads” I say you should probably take a closer look at yourselves and your questionable character. The staff at Jeep Republic as always been courteous, respectful and amazingly knowledgeable demonstrating a long-standing standards for people to rely on . They are not there to baby you into anything or feed your egos. They are there to keep your Jeeps on the road with the parts and service needed. I will only take my Jeep to Jeep Republic for all my service and parts needs and I wanted to take this opportunity to post a honest review of a decent, trustworthy Jeep business you can rely on. I endorse and recommend Republic Jeep to the Jeep community. I truly believe you will not be disappointed!
    Republic Jeep is a good ONE!

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  • Ch
      10th of Oct, 2017

    @fake Pino This dude Andre is one of Mike's employees. He posts the same glowingly positive review about Republic Jeep on all the reviews websites. Yelp, Google Reviews, -- even the BBB website. Andre, you're a tool. Everyone who has visited this shop and has encountered you knows who you are. You're a fraud.

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  • Mi
      30th of Jan, 2017

    I enjoyed working for Mike about 20 years ago. I didn't care for Jeeps or cars, but he wanted to build a database of parts, as he genuinely does have a large stockpile of Jeep parts he has been purchasing ever since getting a divorce settlement from his ex-wife, a Coors executive he somehow talked into marrying him. Anyway after she discovered his preference for men and left him with some money, he started what was essentially a full-on scam shop. I was there several months, during the time his insane father was running around answering bananas thinking they were telephones. In that gene pool, dizziness was the most predominant attribute, so was it any wonder that old Aloysius died from "accidental" head trauma? The only thing worse than being named Aloysius is being named Aloysius Jr., am I right? Anyway, it was fun at first when we were joking about building a big mechanical hand on an elongated arm that reached out and picked the pockets of customers, but Michael Scheriff was too far gone. I decided to quit after he came in laughing one day after ripping off a kid and the teen's dad. The kid was crying. That happened a lot at Jeep Republic. When I quit, Mike called the police and told them I stole his car. They essentially told me "Don't worry, we have a file a food thick on Mr. Scheriff, we know all about him." The officers and I all shared a good laugh at Mike Scheriff and his ridiculous, well-documented antics. Please, check scam report, the BBB, ComplaintsBoard, Colorado4x4 and all other reputable consumer oriented and Jeep or 4x4 related forums. The one thing that can be said about Mike is his flamboyant in your face scamming is never dull. What do you expect from a guy with a true last name of Szarafinski?

    None of this post is satire, exaggeration or joking at all, it is the sad story about a tiny little gay man, and what can happen when human sexuality is repressed by poor upbringing.

    So yea, I verify all the insane criminal antics that minor league ### is accused of.

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  • Ch
      10th of Oct, 2017


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