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Jean Coutu / Negligence and cruelty

1 United States

On November 28, 2010 my fiancée' and myself presented ourselves at the Dorion Jean Coutu pharmacy counter with a prescription to be filled. The Prescription which came from a reputable doctor in the Saint Mary's hospital and was subsequently, upon consultation by him, verified by the chief of the Montreal Saint Mary's medical clinic. The prescription was for an 8 month supply of zanax and buspar.Both of these are prescribed for the relief of acute anxiety disorder. My fiancé has been taking these drugs for ten years and subsequent withdrawal or omission can have dire results ending in death.The reason for a longer than normal prescription interval is due to the fact that my fiancée has been given a permanent position in a very remote area of Quebec.There are no clinics, hospitals, Doctors or pharmacists for several hundreds of kilometres.This all was explained to the girl at the dorion jean coutu pharmacy counter. We were told that there would be no problem and that we would receive a call when the prescription was filled.On Wednesday December 1, 2010 we received a call to come and pick up the prescription. When we arrived at the counter on Thursday December 2, 2010 my fiancée was refused the prescription by one of the pharmacists.When we asked why, we were told that he and his colleague were not allowed by Quebec law to dispense more than a three month supply at a time and he has the POWER to overrule the doctors prescription. 1: There are very clear and specific provisions within the law for peoples living in remote or inaccessible areas. 2: Due to this pharmacists ignorance and belligerence he knowing caused severe anxiety to a person suffering from acute anxiety disorder.The owner of this jean coutu is Sonia Boutin.Perhaps Mme Boutin should hire educated staff. I wasted gas and time not to mention, stress, dealing with someone who has raised acute anxiety after dealing with the employees at Jean Coutu.


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