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Last Friday I received from JDM $231 from the damage and I finally recovered my paint and mirrors. the paint cost US $2, 503.20 (5'000.000 pesos) I spoke with the artist and I will get the certification for the paint from Armando Villegas who is a famous painter from Peru-Colombia. he told me that it was painted in Spain and gave me all the information. Iformation that I will attached soon as soon as I get it from him.
I received the money and my stuff because the person from UPS pretended to keep it after she pay the money. I will not leave this case closed until I get a better respond from UPS and JDM. The artist just told me that he will send a letter with the certification to JDM, UPS and BBB, so you can see that I can accept the payment that they gave me for the damage that they have cost.
Patricia Rebelo
You can start looking his biography and website.
The teacher Armando Villegas was born in Pomabamba, Ancash, in 1926 and he formed in the National School of Beautiful Arts of Peru . In 1950 it arrived at Bogota, city where it developed his creations most of. It has participated in the main galleries of art of Peru, Colombia and other many countries, in individual exhibitions as as much collective.

Villegas is at the moment Minister Cultural Consejero ad-honorem in the Embassy of Peru in Colombia and is considered the best exponent of cultural integration Peruvian-Colombian.

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Complaint Description - Posted 7/24/2009 8:33:01 AM

I got to Florida the 17th and didn’t get anything yet in my brother‘s apartment. The first phone call on June 20th, they said that the UPS made the delivery 2 times and the man that opened the door rejected the package because it was damaged (1st lied because I was the only one in the apartment with my sister in law who as sick that week while my brother was working full time). We did not get any paper, phone call or nothing. They did not take the package ever. It was an excuse to cover that UPS guy dropped my package, broke the frame that cost $400, damage the paint and lost the tile from the mirror’s frames. After so many phone calls between JDM (To Susette the manager, and Erick the one that received the package) and to UPS (06/20/09, 07/7/09, 07/10/09 (Ana from UPS 8DJR), 07/13/09 (Luis from UPS 8ASH), 07/17/09 (From UPS, Didn’t understand his name - AiShard? but he is #2658). I know that I called more but didn’t keep the track of everybody from UPS. Susette said UPS is responsible, UPS said that JDM had the package back and they are responsible. My daughter went twice, and only when I argued again with Susette the manager my daughter could see the mess that they did to my paint, broke totally the frame, and the tile where lose from the mirror. Now, they are saying that If UPS pay the $ 200, they'll keep the package.I told them that I WON'T give my things away for$200. That’s a way to rob the client. First, the UPS brake the frame, damage my stuff, take them backtoSJ

Complaint Summary

I sent a packaged in June 6-09 that included a big frame (3”x 4”-$400)a paint that cost more tan $800, and 3 mirrors with craft/tiles made in Colombia. I sent an estimate to JDM and BBB for the frame from Art & Frame and it cost $365.03

Resolution Sought

At this time, after all the phone calls to ups and jdm, lies from ups delivery guy, time spent calling-waiting and expecting an answer they should pay me not only the insurance that i got for $200 for damage the paint, also the frame that cost $400, send me my paint and mirrors the way that they are well packed to the address that i said with the check so i don‘t have to call thousand times to get it. The manager from JDM said that UPS only will pay the $200 and keep everything.

Additional Information
Date Problem First Occurred:
Product or Service: Bad, the worst disrecpectful way to treat a client, BOTH UPS and JDM.
Model Name or Number: UPS-1Z9202X50352194037
Date Purchased: 6/6/2009
Order Number: 22085
Amount In Dispute: $0.00

Company's Response
Company's Initial Response - Posted 08/12/2009
I have had many conversations with Ms Rebelo & I have told her that we were trying our best to get UPS to cooperate. UPS has accepted the claim & is going to pay the $200 declared value & the "original" shipping cost. Ms. Rebelo is pusing for $400 value of frame. This wont happen. The declared value was put at $200 by her daughter. There is no way to change that. Ms. Rebelo keeps insisting $400. I told her that if she can find a similar painting & get a cost that would be enough to prove to UPS the value of painting. The daughter mentioned that she might take it with her to Florida the next time she went.
Initial Response Summary
I told her that if she can find a similar painting & get a cost that would be enough to prove to UPS the value of painting.


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