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JDC Wigs / Non-Delivery of Product

1 12932 SE Kent-Kangley Rd Ste 370Kent, WA, United States
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On July 1, 2008 I placed an order with JDC Wigs for a 10" custom full lace wig. On JDC's website they claimed to be a Better Business Bureau accredited business and even had the BBB seal. A quick search on the BBB website supported their claim.

I paid a total of $220.97 using my debit card on my PayPal account. The wig was supposed to take 6-8 weeks to manufacture and ship out on or around August 29. The week of the shipment date I checked the order status online and the status read "Wig in Production".

I found that odd because the wig should have been in the "Final Stages" or prepared to ship by that time. It was not until 9/5 rolled in and I hadn't received anything that I decided to give JDC a call. I made a little inquiry about when I could expect my order, but no one got back to me.

I was taken aback by the lack of feedback because a had once purchased adhesive remover from them on Ebay and never had a delivery issue with them. On 9/8 I left them a message informing them that I would be filing a complaint with the BBB concerning their failure to deliver my order. Even with the BBB complaint JDC refused to deliver my wig. On 9/22 I filed a dispute with PayPal but it was futile because the wig itself takes 6-8 to make so the time period allowed to dispute the transaction would have elapsed anyway.

The following day I called the BBB concerning my complaint and was told that JDC Enterprises was not a BBB accredited business despite earlier findings on BBB's own website that stated otherwise. I was also told that if the business chooses not to respond to the complaint there was nothing more they could do but suggest contacting the Attorney General's Office. Surprisingly, when I checked the JDC website the BBB seal was no longer present.

Now their phone number doesn't even work. Everytime I call a machine says, "this mailbox does not exist". I contacted Washington Mutual (the bank that issued my debit card) on 9/27 and received a letter in the mail on 10/6 stating that since my transaction was authorized and I could not dispute the charge and had to contact the merchant.

I never once stated in my claim to them that the transaction was unauthorized. My problem was that I never received the item from the transaction and all my efforts to resolve the situation whether it be by the merchant or other means has failed.

I've tried so many ways to resolve and settle this amicably but JDC has never once made an effort to contact me. When I first purchased from them things were wonderful. Now when I do a search on JDC Wigs all that pops up is experiences of people getting scammed, having their money taken and receiving items late or never getting them at all.

I've contacted so many agencies that I have lost count and yet no one can assist me. I have also contacted JDC on so many occasions that I must have phoned and emailed them hundreds of times. But they respond to none of my requests whether it be cordial or nasty.


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