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After reading a number of posts on this site I can see that generally a lot of people feel as I do about this company. While there are some positive posts, most them feel manufactured and fake as if those are not real people or opinions. However I cannot deny that the company does sell cars to those who are in need (i.e. those with bad credit, no credit, etc.). Yet J.D. does not help these people, me included, so much as he preys upon their need for a vehicle.

When I purchased my car from Byrider, financed by the CNAC, I admit that my financial situation and desperation for a vehicle was entirely my fault. My parents had bought me a car in high school which I drove until various bad decisions on my part led us to parting of ways. They were no longer willing to help me out if continued to not help myself. So on my own with no car, bills still unpaid, and my job over 25 miles away my need for a car was gargantuan. Where was I to turn to? I was 19 with very little credit, certainly not enough to purchase a vehicle from an acclaimed dealership and the money I made waiting tables was barely enough to put a roof over my head. To J.D. Byrider I journeyed and within hours I had a vehicle of my own and my problems seemed to be getting smaller.

As my life continued I made payments on my vehicle as I agreed to. The car made it possible for me to work more hours and to find other work as well. Eventually the time came for me to grow up and realize that the life I was living was not what I had dreamt it to be. Living life day to day, paycheck to paycheck was not what I had envisioned and the time had come for me to go to college and get a real job. So I took a leave from work and started attending music school. This is where my problems with J.D. Byrider and more importantly the CNAC began.

The 2003 Chevy Malibu I purchased was worth maybe $5-6, 000 when I bought it. J.D. sold the vehicle to me for slightly over $9, 000. On top of that they added a 21% interest, making to total cost of the vehicle over $14, 000. That's more than double the cars worth. Sure they are selling cars to people in need but are they really helping? I purchased this car in 2008 and will be paying it off until 2012. You could say well that's your own fault, that I could have inquired how much the vehicle was worth before I purchased it, that it was my own arrogance that put me in the position to buy the car in the first place. I could not disagree with you either. However I am not seeking a means with which to take back the decision to purchase the car, I'm merely pleading with the CNAC to modify my payments or defer them to a later date so that I may finish school with out paying $150 every other week on top rent, utilities, gas, food, and tuition. For some reason this company thinks they help out their customer buy selling thema car that WILL break down and charging more than double what it's worth for the simple reason that they have no credit. Well this I say to you J.D. Byrider; it's not my fault I had no credit, I was simply too young to have gained any. And for this simple misfortune I had of being born in 1988 it's worth double the price of the vehicle, I think not! After 2 years of payments they still cannot find it in their helpful hearts to refinance the vehicle, change the date or frequency of payments, or work with me in any way other than a means by which they will receive their money which is the only thing the seem to lenient on.

Now I'm trying to get my life back on track but this car keeps holding me down. They will not I repeat WILL NOT negotiate with you once you sign your name on the dotted line. From that point on their act of generosity in selling you a vehicle has ended and you become no more than a name and date when which they receive the cash for the fruits of their labor. They say that they are good to their customers and that they sell good cars to people who need credit they couldn't speak more truth in an outright lie. They DO NOT sell good cars or the warranty would not be necessary. Almost all of their cars break down soon after they leave the lot most will not make to the end of their contract. They DOsell cars to people who need credit but they fail to mention that will be building that credit for a long time for a lot of money with no hope for salvation unless you can some how find the means to pay the car off in full.

This is one of the most blood sucking companies I have ever seen. They make their money by preying upon desperate people in need, enticing them to sign a small fortune away because they have no where else to turn. With a strong legal backing in their contracts I can see no way out for their customers and no end to their greedy ways. All I can do is advise those who haveno credit to seek another means to purchase a vehicle for this is a pathway that once taken, cannot be swayed or turned away from. J.D. Byrider's customers once signed have no choice but to bare the ruthless tactics applied by this company as a means to make the rich even richer by feeding off the poor or desperate. The only hope we have is for some modern day Robin Hood to expose this company for what it really is. If you read this J.D. along with all the other negative posts, I hope that you get a little less sleep at night knowing that all the people you have screwed over in the name of Help have had enough. The time has come for you to make become a human being and actually help your customers. At the top of your web page its says It's way more thana car in large bold print. Yeah that's true; It's way more than a car, it's a sham.


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