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I needed to go make a payment, I had a couple questions about the warranty I had gotten on my watch. They paged her to come help me and the first thing she said was, "you know you can go to another register if you need to do a payment." I know I could of went to another register, but I had questions over my watch. Normally I'm greeted with a "Hello, how can I help you today." I have always been treated with kindness at JCP, but this completely took my by surprise. Then treated me like a infant by trying to get me to insert my card as a chip when it did not have a chip. I expected more from JCPenney employees.

Jan 13, 2017
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  •   Jan 14, 2017

    They have chip readers. How is telling you to insert your card treating you like an infant? Most people I see every day with chips in their cards still try to slide them. It will not work. How would they know you don't have a chip? Most cards do these days. I don't see how you were treated rudely. I see that you got your back up over nothing.

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