Jcp - Philippe Richard Cookware$30.00 rebate


On April 5, 2009 I purchased a set of Philippe Richard Stainless Steel pots from J. C. Penny for $59.99 + tax (64.19) with a $30.00 rebate from the manufacture. I completed and submitted the information to the company with no reply. I emailed J.C. Penny who assured me that the information cannot be handled in that section of the company. Since then I've been trying to contact both Philippe Richard's and J C Penny to no avail.

The pots are certainly not stainly steel, and are worthless. But I thought $30.oo rebate would compromise for the consumer abuse; because that's what it, "consumer abuse."

I called and spoke to an employee at J C Penny (store # 2347) who informed me that they have nothing to do with the rebate, but couldn't give me any further information as to how I can get in touch with the manufacture, Philippe Richard. She did not have an email or telephone number.

I appreciate your intervention into this matter.

Thank you kindly,

Mary M. Johnson

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