jcp opticalWrong Lenses 3 times

I ordered my glasses on 12/16/14, got HD lenses with anti glare, and the solar thing, (makes them sunglasses in the sun), $624 bucks for a pair of glasses... They FINALLY showed up on Jan. 7th, 2015, I picked them up and left, come to find out, they never changed in the sun, so I took them back on 1/13/15 and the manager put them under the light to check and told me they had forgotten to use the solar lens, so she put in a re-order and said it would be 2-3 more weeks, as the HD lenses take alot longer to make, but that they could come in a week and a half due to it being a lab error. I went to pick them up on 1/22/15 as I got a call that the new lenses came in. I got there, the guy put the new lenses in my frames, and I put them on, to have everything tipped sideways, I told him whoa, these arent correct, he checked them, told me its the same RX, I explained to him that everything was tipped sideways and that they are not correct, so after 20 min of him messing with them, he told me the lab messed up again, and that the optical center was to high, but that I should just take them and get used to it... I would have had to ear them half way down my nose to see properly out of them... I told him not a chance, so he said he would have to mail them back friday, and the lab would re-make them as soon as they got that pair back and to expect another 2-3 week wait. Obviously I was upset because of his additude with me, as if it were MY fault their lab keeps messing up. I get a call today, (voicemail) 1/24/15, a day and a half after I was last there, and he tells me that they don't get shipments on saturdays, but that somehow, they got them in today.. I called the store back, and the lady knew my name as SOON as I said it, and told me my lenses were in before I could tell her why I called... I asked her HOW they could be in already, when the store manager reordered them the first time, and told me no less then a week and a half, because they were a lab error, so they had a rush on them. She said I dont know, but they came in today and they are ok, I watched him check them in the machine. She told me they got them so fast, because they wanted to avoid a customer complaint. I told this lady exactly what happened, and the history I just told you, and she told me she would look into it, and get back to me. I told her that I asked when Emily, the manager, would be there, and the guy told me Sunday. She told me Oh, no, she was here today, shes off sunday but will be back monday... I asked her if he KNEW her schedule, she told me yes, of course he did.. SO now, I want to know why he would lie to me... But I told this lady Im having a hell of a hard time believing that these are my new lenses, and not the ones that I declined to accept a day and a half ago... I am waiting for this lady to call me back, to let me know what is going on. If these are NOT really NEW lenses, I am going to give back my glasses, and demand a refund to my JCP card, for the purchase, as this is insane!

Jan 24, 2015

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