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I was contacted by this breeder and advised she had a male kitten that was available, which is what I had told her we were looking for. She asked all about my family and other pets. She was very concerned over my doggie door. I told her this was an electronic door and it will not open unless a pet has on the collar with the chip. After pics were sent and numerous emails she informed me that she had decided we would make her kitten a great home. About 6 hrs later we were discussing my putting check in mail, and she then said no, do not put check in mail. She had changed her mind and was going to go with another family because of the dog door. I would be very Leary in trying to work with this breeder. I would be concerned as to what she may decide to do or not do concerning the handling of the kitten. Not a breeder I want want to work with again

Jun 02, 2018
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  • Ca
      Jun 09, 2018

    And yet they sold a kitten to us and we have a doggy door...they play lots of games with their kittens. [information removed] And on and on. But count your blessings that you did not deal with them. We bought a kitten a year ago (that we loved dearly, of course) who had health problems for the entire year that we had him. He died last Sunday from FIP, a horrible, incurable, relentless killer of kittens and young cats. I would say steer clear of this breeder. Check out others in the DFW area, if that is where you are.

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  • Ca
      Jun 09, 2018

    And my rating is a one-star. See comments above

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