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I was scheduled with my stylist at 5 pm for a cut and color and the manger Matt Kent and head of security had her in a meeting until 5:30 pm. My stylist was able to come out and start my haircut and style, then they pulled her back into the meeting while I was in her chair with half of the cut finished. After a 15 minutes I asked the salon manager what I needed to do because I found it highly unprofessional that they pulled my stylist off my hair. She went in and talked to the manager and was told I needed to reschedule and I would get a 15% discount. I told them that wasn't good enough and that I had already been there for an hour and I would like to see the manager. He never came out. I paid $22 for a half finished haircut and left. The other stylist Dawn did offer an apology, but neither her nor the salon manger offered to clean up my cut.

JC Penney Salon Searcy, Arkansas
JC Penney Salon Searcy, Arkansas

May 29, 2018

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