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Citibank which administers the jc penney credit account has changed the due dates on december billing cycles to a 23 day cycle from a normal 28 to thirty day cycle. I called the customer service to complain and talked with a man to could not speak english and who also was very rude. I was told that I was not the only customer that had their date changed and this was nation wide. I cancelled my card. I have maintained this account for many years and have no reason to do any further business with them.

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  • Ba
      May 13, 2009

    jcpenneys credit account is maintained by ge money bank. not citibank.

    also the "normal" 30 day billing cycle was pretty unique to the jc penney card and caused incorrect information to be reported to the credit bureaus.

    even in todays electronic wonderland a company that handles this many accounts (millions or more) cannot update your payments in less than 2-5 days. asking for your payment <24 hours before the day they print your statement means sometimes your payment wont show up and they show you a late fee instead. (then have to correct it on the next statement... frustrating!!)

    they sent you a letter 2 months before they changed it. im sorry you werent paying attention, but those of us who were paying attention, caught the change, understood the change and didnt have any problems.

    maybe your'e just too old to have credit cards anymore if you cant keep up...

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