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I had recently submitted a complaint about JCPenney in Hanford CA & it seems to have disappeared, I will rewrite this complaint. I had gone Christmas shopping for my wife when I overheard two female employees talking about a male employee, Richard. They had said that he had sexual encounters with a few female workers in the back room of the store. They had mentioned that several female employees showed his girlfriend, whom from what I got also work's in the store, several screen shots of him talking sexually & how that had caused problems between her & the females in the store. Since my wife & I buy clothes for our children from there I was very disgusted at the thought of people having sex on or around my children's clothing. We have decided that the Hanford store will no longer be a place that we will spend our hard earned money at. I had done a survey & mentioned this matter but I honestly don't know how concerned the company or store is with such things.

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    I had gone to the Hanford store a few days ago to browse really for a gift for my wife. I was looking at some shirts when I overheard two female employees talking about a male employee "Richard". They were saying that a few of the other female employees had engaged in some kind of sexual activity with this man in the back room of the store & that several women had screen shots of sexual conversations with him that they had shown his girlfriend whom from what I gathered also work's there. They then begun to talk about the issues that the girlfriend was now causing all females in the store. I had heard enough & do to the fact that my wife & I shop there for our children we will not be going back. To think that our kids could be wearing clothes that people had sex on...NO!!

Dec 10, 2017
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      Dec 12, 2017

    I have been a very good customer with JCPenneys for decades. I ordered a curtain rod to be picked up at The Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs. I received an email from your company, that if it was not picked up, by a specific date that your company would refund my credit card. I was fine with that, as there was a shooting at that mall and I decided I would not go there to pick it up. I waited for the refund and it did not happen. I called your customer service phone number yesterday, with a 64 minute wait. Not good customer service. I called tonight, with a 34 minute wait time. When the representative of YOUR company finally answered, she was disrespectful and when I explained the "WHY" of the shooting and that the company had not done what they emailed me that they would do...her response was... "well I don't need to hear it as I already know what you are going to say". I promptly hung up. I want to make sure my account is credited. I will not be shopping with JCPenny any longer. Horrible customer service! I will add... WOW!!!

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