JC FinancialsTerrible experience

I won a lottery I did even enter for $39, 000; which would be credited to my account later after contacting special agents Sarah Smith or Michael Edwards by phone (which goes to a recording). I received a percentage check for $3, 900 (very real looking check- no full address from the bank though). I am suppose to deposit the check and wire them a small holding fee and also give them my account # to wire the remaining balance of my winnings to.

I was smarter than that. I had my bank verify the validity of the check through the Federal Reserve and also had them contact the bank issuing the Cashier's Check. The bank back east was oblivious to the issuing of this check, but the check did have a valid routing #. The bank was very grateful for notifying them.

Do to a keen eye, and sense of awareness, I was under the impression; 'If it sounds to good to be true, most likely it is.' I just don't have that good of luck. The skeemers are getting more crafty, so keep an eye out.


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