j.c. Christensen and Assoc., Inc.Scam for money

I Have received a collection from J.C. Christensen claiming I owe $558.69 from an older account opened from the store Mervyns, which is no longer in business. I have NEVER opened an account with Mervyns and they say I can't dispute since the store doesnt have records becasue it's closed. This feels fishy.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Sauk Rapids, MNI have tried contacting the credit buraeus but I can't get ahold of a customer service rep. I have been researching and have found alot of similar cases where people have been scammed by this company.
When I called they tried to counter offers for me to pay immediately and said if not I could have to go to court or it will ruin my credit. I am very upset by this obsurd claim.


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