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JC Auto Sales Inc / Terrible experience!

1 4201 W Main StBelleville, IL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 618-222-7060

I am here posting this ad so I can find anyone that has ever purchased a used car from JC Auto Sales in Belleville Illinois. I purchased a car from them on 2-7-2008. They were asking $7900 for this vehicle and I was able to talk them down to $7300 because they told me that the headlight motor was going out on the drivers side and the power window motor was out on the passenger door. I asked them if I was to purchase this car would the key I would use on the test drive be the only key because I was going to get keyless entry and remote start and was going to need another key made if that was the only one. They told me when they got the car, they only received one key. THAT WAS A TOTAL LIE!!! Illegal in the state of Illinois for a dealer to keep a key unless they tell you in advance that they have a key. After I drove it on the test drive ( a total of 6 miles) and put down $3500 on this car, I drove it about 2 miles down the street to put gas in the car because they left it on EMPTY to see the Service Engine Soon Light come on. I called the store that I bought the car from the next day and told them all about it. I told them since they have it warrantied that they need to fix it because they never said anything to me about the SES being on. I took it to Autozone, O'Reilly's and Advanced to see what the codes were that was causing the SES to come on. They all said that the EGR valve and the Knock sensors were causing it. A total cost of $400 in parts to repair a car that shouldn't have any mechanical problems according to the manager of the dealership. When I took it to the shop that they sent me to to have it fixed, the owner of the shop told me that he had no clue why I was there and what needed done to the car. They rescheduled another appointment for me a week later to come back stating they would have all the parts to turn off the SES and to replace the gas pedal THAT WAS NOT THERE AT ALL, and to replace the defroster switch that didn't work. They told me to make sure that I had someone follow me cause I was going to have to leave the car there for about 4 hours for them to fix everything all at once. A week later I returned to the 'shop', which is in the worst neighborhood in Cahokia, had my husband follow me in his vehicle ( so now I have used 4 trips of gas in 2 different cars). We get there and they tell us that they don't have any parts for the vehicle cause the manager at the dealership I bought it from never ordered them and that I was going to have to talk to him about it. I left with both vehicles (another 2 trips, a total of 3 round trips) and went to the dealership on West Main Street to talk to the manager and see why my parts were not ordered and why my car was not being covered under the warranty? Of Course the manager was not there and noone would give me his phone number to contact him about my car. I asked them to have him call me ASAP. About 30 minutes later the detail guy called me and told me that the manager, Shawn, said that I need to take my car back down to the shop (Mudd Ducks) in Cahokia in 2 days and it will be fixed. I called down to Mudd Ducks the day I was suppose to go there and get my car fixed (I refused to drive there yet again to be turned away) and they still had no clue why I was suppose to come there and they had no parts. Well I made the decision that I was going to take the car to a mechanic that I know will do the work. So I refused to take it there. On Feb. 22, 2008 I had a payment due, (2 weeks after dropping $3500 down on this car) in the amount of $140.43. I couldn't pay that payment because I was working a new job out of the area and I knew I wouldn't get back to town before they closed. I worked that way for 3 weeks. On Saturday March 1, 2008 Shawn decided to call me, but I didn't get to the phone in time, so when I was done getting ready for work I called them to see what they wanted and to tell them I would get in to pay my payment as soon as I got a day off again. Well they didn't answer my phone call. I didn't get a chance to call them again because of work. Well on March 5, 2008 They decided to come to my house, walk up to my car, open the door with key they 'didn't' have and drive out of my driveway with my car without any notice, no legal paperwork, and not even knocking on my door. The only reason I wasn't gone was because it was my day off and I was sleeping still. Thankfully my brother in law was not asleep and He heard my car start. As soon as he told me I call the Belleville Police Department and the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department. The Sheriff's office asked me 'What exactly do you want me to do about this? This is a civil matter so what do you want me to do?' The Belleville Police Department told me that my car was repossessed and that I couldn't file a Stolen Vehicle report. I started looking up the laws and see what I could do about this. In the mean time, Shawn was suppose to call me at 2pm and tell me if I could get my car back or not. I didn't hear from him when he said he would call me, so I called him. Now mind you I just threw $3500 3 weeks ago on this car, which is 48% of the total cost of the car. Shawn had the audacity to tell me that 'I had to pay the remaining $5055 to get my car back, that he would give me some time to get it back, and if I bought all the parts that we needed for the car he would have someone put the parts on for me after I paid the car off.' So I called the Attorney General and A private Attorney to SUE them. If you ever had a problem with this company at all or know anyone that has, please email me and let me know. I need someone else that had a bad experience help me out. Even if you have a loan with them now and your paying on a car but having some of the same troubles.

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  • Ti
      2nd of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Sounds like you should pay your bills and be grateful they put up with you. And you do know keys can be made for cars right? Also great excuse for not making your payment. Lol people like you are pathetic.

    By the way i bought a car from JC auto sales and love it. it did have a few minor problems but they fixed them for half the price other shops said theyd charge.

    Hope this helped

  • Wo
      4th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    i bought a car from them and it died on me a little less then a year after i got it but it was something that just goes out on the van i bought it was a big problem with the injection system in it but i brought it to them and they would fix it for me and let me pay on it but i desided to just get something different when i get my tax return and they said they would give me at leased $500 dollars for my van if not more and work with me on the prices of the car i get and since it will cost over $2000 to fix the van and that is more then i paid for it i think they are a really good place and my wife got a car from them for $400 that lasted three years and she traded it in for $100 and was still running and the new car had a problem with the moon roof and they fixed it right away. and as for them having a key they could go to any dealership for that brand and order a new one since they still had the title for your car so that is your fault for not getting your husband to pay your payment when you were working.

  • Pr
      7th of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    im sorry u had to go through that with this wonder their cars are always on their lots..I was carshopping today and something told me to not to go on their lot so I looked online first..good luck with the law suit

  • La
      23rd of Sep, 2011
    -1 Votes

    At first when I bought my car it didnt have any gas in it for me to take it on a test drive so they put some more in, then when i drove it on the highway and went to get back on the ramp to merge back off the car steering wheel locks up and then the car completley shuts off. Ofcourse they took the car to (Muddducks) the worst car shop in history and they fixed it (so they say). Drove the car fine for literally 3months and one thing after another started happening all my brakes completley went out, gear shafts destroyed, etc. I took the car to firestone and had them put it on a lift to do a full body inspection. The car had a total damage of underbody work of 3, 0000. It had sement plastered under the bottom i have no idea why, the wireing was completly shot to the point where in several places there's black tape put around wires and tubes. Then the alternator and battery went out i had both replaced twice after dealing with Mudduck and them giving me the run around and showing very bad misconduct in the way they handle business. Overall i paid off the car and sold it and will never buy anything from them again. (the kicker is i probably have enough amo to sue aswell for all the bull that happened because it took me an extra two months to pay the car off after being charged an extra 400 for work done by mudduck that they didnt complete correctly) I have pictures and paperwork all to prove it but i'll save that fight for another day ..

  • Ki
      3rd of Mar, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I purchased my son's first car from them. Yes it had some minor issues associated with it, such as control arm, brakes, and missing part of the grill. After working out a deal with them to fix the problems, and order a new grill, they complied with the request. Oh and of course the payments were made on time, contrary to sone of the other posts I've read. Yes, after he had the car for a while, the car had some of the typical problems occur, water pump, a couple of sensors etc... You can't blame them and deciede not to pay them because older cars are going to have some issues. You cant automatically assume the car is going to be in top notch shape when you purchase a car from any lot. if you don't trust the mechanics they employ, then find one you trust and have them work on your car. My experience with them has been great, He was able to pay his car off completely ahead of schedule and now really loves driving his BMW. I don't have anything bad to say about them, they have been great and responsive to any need he has. I would recommend them to any one.

  • Bi
      5th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    Ah, yes it does help to be a good paying customer. I used to work for a car lot that did buy here pay here. It is harder for them to spend money on people that they have to worry about paying them. It's kind of a scratch my back and I will scratch yours type of situation. If you are a good customer and pay relatively on time with minimal excuses on why you can't pay you should have no problem. Keep in mind they hear every excuse in the book. They have probably been in the car business before you had your drivers license.
    Oh, and the gas not being in the cars sitting on the lot. Well if they have at least 50 cars on the lot I don't think I would want to pay that bill.
    Please everyone keep in mind. You are buying a car from a lot like this because you can't buy one from a big dealership, because of lack of money or bad credit. Either or it's hard to spend money when it isn't coming in like it should be. Oh and your not renting the car. It is your responsibility to maintain your vehicle. What the guy said about getting your own mechanic if you don't like what they have to offer is perfect. There is no law saying you have to use their guys. It is nice to know that if you can't find your own they can help out there too.

  • La
      3rd of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    I purchased a car from them it came with a warranty, within two weeks of me having the car it wouldnt stay started, I took it back, they claimed they fixed it, within a week it did the same thing, it now does it at least once a week, they claimed they fixed it. That place is a rip off, they sale bad cars and then try to get nasty about it

  • Ep
      15th of Feb, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I was looking in to buying a car from this place so naturally i wanted to make sure this place wasnt gonna screw me over. I contacted the place about the vehical i wanted then i decided to look up reviews about the place. I came accross a site similar to this one and found that this lady posted the same thing on a different site. here's the full story of what happened and here's a link to them other site /link removed/
    "the other side of this story"
    AUTHOR: Steve Manka - (USA)
    SUBMITTED: Wednesday, October 14, 2009

    My name is Steve Manka. I manage JC Auto Sales at 518 S. Illinois St. Belleville Il. The report filed is against the 4201 W. Main St. I just want to make this clear for everyone. In no way does this involve me. Both car lots are owned by the same person but ran separately. Knowing what happened on both sides of this story I feel it is my duty to get both of them out there. Normally I wouldn't bother but I have had a few customers of my own bring this to my attention. K.J.Waeckerle bought a 2000 Firebird with 70, 000 miles. She purchased this vehicle for $7, 300 correction financed. Tax Title & Lic. come out to be $677. She put $3, 500 down. Now the $677 comes out of the down payment to pay the state. The rest goes towards the balance of the vehicle. Pretty self explanatory.
    First complaint by K.J.Waeckerle, this one I find humorous. It has to do with the key being the only key. She claims she was lied to about that being the only key. Well it was. We are a dealership, we can have a key made just by using the title.
    Second complaint. She drove the car 2 miles and the check engine light came on. Well I can't say anything about this because I wasn't there, but it does seem kind of weird that it came on then after she drove it and bought it. Besides I tell my customers that they can take there vehicle to have it checked out by their own mechanic before purchasing it. I recommend it after all we are dealing with used cars with higher mileage usually. As far as her going back and forth from home to the shop. I believe this was just bad communication between the shop and the dealership. I can totally see her getting upset with this issue. The egr valve was fixed however by us for no extra charge after this whole incident was taking care of.
    Third issue, Her payment was due 02-22-08 in the amount of $140.43 I don't know what you think but that is a cheap cheap payment. She even states she hadn't made her payment in three weeks after her due date. If somebody had something of yours and was 3 weeks late on their first payment what would you do? You can't tell me you couldn't make it. We have a drop box for customers to make their payments after hours plus there is also a mailbox. I would have to say about half of my customers mail their payments to me.
    Fourth issue, her vehicle was repossessed. Well who wouldn't be upset. Shawn had tried calling her about 20 times and knocked on her door a number of times with no answer and the car was parked outside. He reposed it about a week later. This I know without a shadow of a doubt is the whole reason this report was filed.
    Last but not least I just wanted to say about two months later the owner of the dealership personally went out and bought a nice Jeep Grand Cherokee and got her approval on it and gave it to her for no extra charge. He just kept her down payment of $3500 that was for the Firebird. I have personally never seen a dealership do this for someone and I have worked for 4 different dealerships. I guess my purpose for writing this rebuttal is fairness. This is a family owned business that is very family oriented. The last thing that we want to do is rip somebody off. I want to make money off of selling a car but I wouldn't make my house payment off of one person. I also wouldn't sell something to someone that I thought was a bad car at least without getting the issue taken care of. We are in a bad time in this country with the economy and all we can't afford to lose any customers by selling junk. So I would challenge anyone that has purchased a car from any other buy here pay here lot to try us out. I know that you will see a huge difference in the way we do business as apposed to the competition.
    Thank you for taking the time to read the other side of this story. Please feel free to call if anyone has any questions about JC Auto Sales Inc. 618-235-5557

    Steve Manka
    JC Auto Sales Inc.

  • Sa
      22nd of Feb, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @epal Kys!

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