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JBS Processing / unsolicited phone calls

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:

they harass you with phone calls! first they call you and offer you 10 days for $10 - sounds like a good deal, right? then they call you back and offer a special - 50% off an entire month of premium plays $1250 (50% $2500). then they start offering up specials on the entire season, $3000 special for the whole season of picks!!! all in the first 2 days of sign up! plus they're only 50% on their so-called Premium Picks!!!

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      16th of May, 2009
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    Hi i have been a victim of this...i was called out of no where and they convinced me to sign up for $50. Then in two days this guy claims to work for some guy name Johnny Bono and he got great picks and that im wasting my time with their $50 start up trial offer. (Then why did they convince me that i would make money if im wasting my time.) So after you tell them no and coutless i dont want...tehy do everythign the y can to convince talk you down like your missing out or they tell you things that make you feel like you have to get in on it. So this guy tells me to get this package for their "Silver Spoons" for $4, 000 (more on this later) and that they guarantee 65% by a certain date or i dont pay. But in order to show that im "SERIOUS" i should put down $2, 000. So i did, only a week into the thing and guess what they are trying to "CONVINCE" me to pay off the rest becasue they will hit their 65% the way...this is the part you or anyone reading this should watch out for...they called me and guarantee me things like 65% by this date or that date but when they send me to payment...they do this...its like bait and switch...they start saying this is only entertainment and they cant guarantee the i deny payment and stuff...then the agetn or whatever calls me back and says that they guarantee it and that its nothing to worry about...but they dont record what the guy says they record when you make after all that..i wasnt suppose to pay again until the 65 percent coems through by march 1st...but they try to convince me to pay it off early which is a trick so whatever happens your not gonna ge tit back...after many no's they bring out the big scam where they PRETEND to give you bonuses for paying it off early with their picks even higher than their SILVER they convinced when the time of march 1'st almost came about 5-6 days before that...i realize they are no way in hell gonna hit their 65 i called the guy and asked aobut my refund...guess what they refused and even more ###ED UP was they tried to SELL ANOTHER PACKAGE for $3, 500.00 saying that i need to get in on this package to really make money and that the package sold to which i was suppose to g3et not good..SO WHY THE HELL DID THEY SELL ME THE PACKAGE IF ITS NOT AS GOOD AS A PACKAGE THAT COST $500.00 LESS...AND STILL NO REFUND...I have been talking and even dispute with my credit card company that these people swindelled me for money and was suppose ot give me refund but the credit card ruled in there favor becasue i dont have enough proof...the only thin gi have was a reciept they sent for PURCHASES...and get this...teh $2, 000 taht was reaming to pay off for bonuses...THEYT CHARGED THAT AS PURCHASE dont get cheated like i did...learn form my mistakes...I will be taking these people to court if possible..i will talk to a lawyer and see what can be done becaue cheaters and scandlers like this should not be able to get the credit card companies...### THEM FOR NOT PROTECTING THE CONSUMER.

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