JB Louwrens / bad service from forex department as usual.

My name is Jacques Louwrens ID -[protected].
About a month ago I complained about the bad service or should I say no service from your Forex dept..
I'm working in Armenia and my money is payed in USD. I had a problem with them because they did not release my Money and they never answer their phones when calling to sort it out.
I send numurious messages with NO feedback.
I went to SA 2 weeks ago and was told by the Capitec branch that I should sign a letter that Forex is requesting from me to release my funds as it gets payed in. Promised that this will not happen again. Very glad about it. Short lived.
So yes my funds was paid in on the 25th May now its the 28th of May and still no funds available. Tried contacting them and as usual no answer also.

This is the worst service I ever received from any bank. I am in a foren country with no funds to life on. All my debit orders failed because no funds in my account.

Who else can I take this to as the people that is supposed to do there work is to lays y to answer a phone or do there work

I did that was asked from me but still no customer service and feedback from them.

Thank you
JB Louwrens

May 28, 2018

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