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Jax Indoor Sports / Do not use them

1 United States

Back in April I found a list of summer camp on the City of Jacksonville
web site. I printed it and combed it for the best summer camp my
children could attend.

I enrolled my children in the Jax Indoor Sports on Phillips Highway for
the week for May 29 - June 2. I enrolled in early May and I inquired
about field trips. I was told that they didn't know yet if they were
going to or not. They had a parent's orientation but I was unable to
attend. I was never mailed any information regarding field trips or
anything at all from the facility.

I dropped my children off for summer camp at the facility. I was
never informed about field trips. I was never informed the rules of
the field trip. Today, at dropped off I was informed that I needed to
sign a consent for the field trip. The trip would be from 9:00am to
3:30 pm. My son had an appointment at 2:30 and I was going to pick him
up at 2:00. I was told that I could not pick my child up from the
field trip because of safety. My child could not stay at the facility
either. This put in a bind, if I allowed my child to attend the field
trip he would miss his appointment. If I would had known I would had
made other arrangements. I asked for a refund and was told no. So I
ended no going to work to take care of my children because they could
not stay at the facility nor could I pick them up at the field trip at
2:00. I am very upset at the lack of communication they have. It
appears to me that they only communicate with parents was with those
parents who attended orientation and no other communication is given to
the other parents.

Jax Indoor Sports does not communicate with parents. I would not
recommend to parents that they sign up with Jax Indoor Sports.


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