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On Sunday the 20th of December 2015, I called the company by the name of Java Satellite Solutions at this number " [protected]" to do Dstv Extraview installation. I had an existing single view installation, so it was just an upgrade to Extraview. I made sure that I bought most of the items myself, i.e. 1x HD Decoder, 1 x Twin LNB. 1 x 20m coaxial cable with 2 x F-connectors. The two Zimbabwean guys who came to do the installation told me that installation cable (Ellies RG6) is R18/m. After doing some quick calculation I realized that this means just for 30m of cabling I will be paying R540. I told them this is too way expensive and one of the guys assured me that it cannot be that expensive maybe I might have made a mistake in calculation. They also suggested that for a better functionality, it's recommended that I change the Satellite dish to the 90cm dish at a price of R600, which I agreed. Upon completion of work and receiving the invoice I got a fright when I saw the total of R2514.00. The most expensive portion of the invoice was the cabling totaling R1314.00 for 73m. I still ask them about this and they said that I'm welcome to call any installer to find out as this is a special series 6 cable for satellite installation. They demanded cash payment which I gave them, but deep inside I feel ripped off. I called Ellis Electronics in Maitland Cape Town to inquire about the price of the RG6 satellite cable and the price they gave me was R305 per 100m roll. I called the Zimbabwean guys and told them of my investigation with regard to the cable price, and they still insisted that their cable was bought in Multichoice Athlone and that is the price. This guys claimed to be Multichoice Accredited Installers. My question to Multichoice is: What is your price/m on the RG6 satellite cable? Is there some regulations that governs your so-called accredited installers to make sure that innocent people don't get ripped off? To other people out there, please stay away from this bunch as they are desperate to make a quick buck.

Java Satellite Solutions
Java Satellite Solutions
Java Satellite Solutions

Dec 23, 2015

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