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I would not trust Jason Shroot of aka ... This guy is a liar. He uses a fake name as well, Jason Stone, with a fake company name of Captive Options Property Management Services (this company doesn't exist).

I would not trust this guy to insure anything. His reviews as a Insurance Agent are bad, he gets fired from job to job, he practices bad tactics to try to get you to buy from him (calls you nonstop and spams your email), and to top it all off... he tries to be a landlord and is basically a slumlord based on all the reviews. He has a bad attitude. DO NOT TRUST THIS GUY!

If you see reviews that are 5 stars from other websites, THEY ARE FAKE. He posts them himself or has people do it for him. Any real review is removed by him. DON'T DEAL WITH THIS GUY!

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  • Je
      3rd of May, 2012

    Well you are using a fake name as well so why complain. You are not really Darth Vader just like I am not really a Jedi Knight.

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  • Da
      26th of May, 2012

    Lol, I am using a USERNAME. Of course it's fake. The person/company I was complaining about was telling clients to make checks out to CASH because he was hiding the fact he was using a fake name. Very shady!

    And yes, his 5 star reviews are FAKE. I already confirmed he's been terminated at several jobs for "poor" performance. No way is this Jason Shroot / JasonSellsInsurance getting 5 stars. Everywhere, there is a complaint about this man.

    I also figured out that one of his "rental" properties in Irvine was sold off / or forclosed on for a $120k loss! Ouch, that's gotta hurt. Maybe that's why he practices such aggressive spamming and nonstop calls to people. He must be desperate!

    Lastly, I've been told he's been taken to court several times already and has lost. So all in all, this JasonSellsInsurance / DivisersifiedInsuranceQuotes / Captive Options Property Management Services / Jason Shroot / Jason Stone / jshroot ... whatever you want to call it... SHOULD BE AVOIDED!!!

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