To whom this may concern I have been getting threatening phone calls and threatening email from acs inc and other people claiming that they were law firms but when you call back they don't have automated systems or when you tell them that they are a scam they hang up i have just gotten an email and i cant figure out how to to put the document over with this report but acs inc is claiming as of july 2014 i supposly owe them $935.76 and they are saying in the letter it is a lawsuit charging me with check fraud when i dont have checks to write i dont deal with checks money laundering when i dont have no money to barely live on and other charges i have a clean criminal record i dont pose a threat to the police i keep to myself and go on loving GOD and help others, but then we have people that should not be in our country calling you claiming you owe this money because you applied for a pay day loan but didnt receive money i have proof i didnt receive any money it aint right that people have to be terrorist and ruin peoples lives and families if someone gets ahold of me i will forward the email to you but here is the thing im not a theif and i aint never been in jail and dont plan on going to jail i want to help people not hinder them because that was not my purpose to be on this earth so please help me and if i can help you take them down not for the money but to get some more terrorist in jail please let me know because GOD dont want evil in his world thank you and have a nice day.

Jan 13, 2015

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