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I bought a serger from this family owned business. I went to return the serger and Debbie refuse to take it back even though it was unopened because she said their policy was no refunds after 14 days. It just so happened that on a Friday night that I tried to return it (which happened to be the 14th day) they closed a few minutes early (6:56PM). No big deal I thought. I'll just go Monday. On their receipt it stated 30% restocking for computers. Nothing else. I called the store because it appeared the workers car was still there even though the lights were out. The call would not go through. A recording came on that I needed to unblock my number. I dont know how it got blocked but I just got a new phone so something from verizon switching it over blocked it. I went that Monday and was told sorry no refund. I couldnt believe what this woman was saying. Basically sorry about your luck but... Her child had cancer and her husband had lost his job also. How could I argue with that. I just stood dumbfounded by what she was saying. They have never given money back. The owner is very sick. She couldnt let her talk to me... I just said I cant believe this and stood their listening to her problems and said they would lose more that 189.00 because word of mouth goes a long ways. If a customer is not happy they are not going to keep quiet about it. I asked her to have the owner call me since she wouldnt let me talk to anyone else. She took my number. I left went to get a coffee and thought I would go back and show her where I had called On Friday and explain it to her. It was 6:55PM they were closed early again and noone was there.
A few days went by. I called the store a gentleman said that someone would call me back. No one called so I go into the store on Saturday and at first the woman was how are you today. Pleasant and I said I stopped by because noone called me back. Right away she was told me to leave that I had threatened her. I asked what are you talking about. Tried to explain to her that I had my phone record to show that I called and they were closed. This woman went postal. started yelling to leave her store that I was threatening her. They didnt close early. Her husband was with her...I told her Noone is threatening and I am not raising my voice. I would like to speak to the owner. Well she informed me the owner was sick and noone would be calling to leave the store now or she was going to call the cops. I told her maybe she should. Maybe they can clear this up. I just stood there and told her she does not have to yell my daughter is here. This woman was not the least bit professional and is doing more harm to a business than the owner realizes. Is she related? Probably, she okayed a 10.00 discount when I bought the machine but all of a sudden was not authorized to give a refund even though I would have showed her Proof. She just did not want to hear anything Anyway, since I had my 5 year old daughter with me who moved behind me because this woman was coming torward me yelling get out of my store. I decided she did not need to see someone going off like that and decided to leave.

I plan on filing with the Better Business Bureau about this company. Just beware of what you are buying in that store and note that amongst ALLLL the stuff on the wall is a little sign(seriously) that says
no receipt-no refunds
30% restocking for computers
After 14 days no refunds

I will take my local business to Stoneybrooke for now on.

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  • Ir
      13th of May, 2010

    I was not there to witness the complainants situation, but I can relate my exceptionally positive experience with the sewing machine doctor over the last 2 days. I brought my serger in to be repaired as I run a small business sewing from home & I had a custom order due that I could not complete as my serger was acting up. After writing up my ticket to have the machine serviced, the salesperson very kindly offered me the use of the serger display model in store so I could get my custom order finished. I was flabbergasted. I did not expect this level of customer service from the salesperson. I came back the next day & got the order finished, super fast! And I did notice the approximately 12X12 inch sign right behind the register which clearly states their return policy, when I return to make a purchase. All in all a great experience, and I can't wait to go back to pick up my serger once it is serviced. On a side note, not everyone's clock says the same time, so if they close before your clock says 7:00, you need to call or arrive earlier. Common sense.

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  • Mo
      8th of Sep, 2011

    Why did you buy it if you didn't want to keep it?

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