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Jane Somner / Get Rich Quick Scam

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Contact information:
Jane Somner
The mailshots with the name Jane Somner, have been mailing me quite a lot in the past few months, sending me the same brochure over and over again.

It "shows" how they allegedly made millions over the course of a few years and still make over 10000 a week. More so it shows her with her family in different locations.

All the while this information is dolled up to look the part and offers a "free" information pack.

The scam basically gives you nothing more than information which is freely available on the web anyway if you look in the right places. If this system is so good, then why do they have to sell it lists theuy got from mail marketing companies??

Its nothing more than selling you the idea, before ripping off your cash.

Jane Somner


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A  13th of Jul, 2009 by 
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So how does the system actually work then, any links to free information on this? You're claiming the information is free on the web. But if it really is that easy why are we not all doing? Please provide a source.

All Jane is going on about in this stupid letter, I have got twice now, is that this system works but at no point does she explain at all what the hell the system is. Oh well. Link us with the free information then.
N  26th of Jul, 2009 by 
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The system she is selling is Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand course. In the letter it refers to 12 parts but the course according to my research is over 25 parts ( £30.00 per month for at least 25 months). Simply put the Cash On Demand course is about finding and selling information publishing courses /dvds/cds /books/ebooks .
N  6th of Jun, 2010 by 
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iam tempted to try it
A  4th of May, 2012 by 
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Be very careful.
'Her' latest effort is to get you to pay £1 p&p towards a 'free' DVD by her that says nothing, and the first few DVds of Andrew Reynolds COD course.
It's only after you receive the DVD taht you discover that it's an automatic subscription; and now they have your credit/debit card details!
Try to cancel the course, and you discover:
1. There's no contact address;
2. The email address doesn't work;
3. The website address doesn't work either!!!
Call your bank and stop any payments before they're taken.

I don't believe this person is who she says she is, but if you want Andrew Reynolds COD course, why not go direct to the AR site, and get it? (Wouldn't recommend that though, but it's up to you).

Jane Somner? AVOID

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