Janata BazarPoor video cassette quality


I am customer of Janata Bazar on Sample Rd, Coral Springs, FL. My overall experience with food and other stuff is fine. But I have very bad experience with renting Indian Movie Cassette. Every time when you rent a video cassette either its voice or print quality is such a poor that you can not even watch movie for 15 minutes. I have already told to they guy who works here and when we ask them to check cassette there they check it and says yes it is fine.

Once you come home and run on your VCR same problem..Voice quality is so poor if you put your full volume even then it is hard to hear. Volume is always dubbed. Not clear any time.
Now i have to find some othere store speciallly for renting indian movies.

If you are one of those who are facing same problem like me then please complain to store very strongly and tell them that there are complain on internet for your store so they can realize and try to make some good movie cassette.

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