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Less than Minimum Wage!

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United States
This is a cleaning franchisor that underbids
there accounts just to get them and then you
the franchisee is stuck making less than minimum
wage. I was making about $5.00 an Ahour. My year in
this company has been the worst of my life.I have
met and talked to many people who have lost all of
there investment in a short period of time. I talked
once to a women and she cried as she told me about
all the bad things they did to her. You can make more
money working in any minimum wage job.
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A  11th of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes
I am a Jan-Pro Franchise owner and I also agree they bid for LESS than minimum wage. The Franchiser is SUPPOSE TO also give all franchisees a copy of the contract, but in all attempts, they have never given us a copy of the contract. They have only given us the work order which only shows us our job duties, never the SIGNED agreement of how much is to be paid per month by the client to the Franchisor.

Also, whenever there is a client complaint, we are supposed to be NOTIFIED so that we as the Franchisee can RECTIFY the situation. One too many times the Franchiser just holds "private meetings" claiming they were working hard to fight for us but then they had to sell the client's business to another Franchisee... then the Franchiser's story changes & nothing adds up... we lost a $3, 500/month worth of business due to these secret meetings and their failure to notify us.

I do NOT trust Jan-Pro Franchisers. The corporate office needs to be more involved in doing a check/balance system to audit their Franchisers who are nothing but scams.
N  27th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
Franchisee with the same problem and much more. Jan-Pro did not fill all accounts. When we wanted out as per the Franchise Agreement they refused to return our money. This is the biggest scam I have ever seen. These people need to be stopped. Has anyone fought them and won? email prussi@rcn.com

If you are looking to buy a franchise run, run away as fast as you can.
N  6th of May, 2009 by    -1 Votes
Krussi can you please call me. I'm in the proces of taking legal action. Jerry 909-684-1837
A  20th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
I'm glad for all of your comments. I was just researching this Jan-Pro as a possible business opportunity but now I am seeing the light. I was wondering why they always had ads in our local newspapers - seems to never go away. You don't see successful franchises like McDonald's advertising in newspapers, etc. On that note; what angers me is that magazines like Entreprenuer Magazine come out labeling Jan-Pro a #1 franchise...blah blah blah. I'm sure some money exchanged hands on this deal. It's about time that claims like this from media outlets, newspapers, magazines, etc. need to be faced with legal action as well. These ads are misleading and most likely fraud also. America needs to get back to having accountability and morals!
A  27th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
Hi, Jerry. I would like to give you a call if you don't mind. I'm on the east coast and will try you later today. I've already called your law firm and waiting to hear back from them.
A  8th of Dec, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I am in Colorado Just about to get a JAN PRO Franchise. WOW it all these comments are for real? Thanks so much for your advise. But guys they explain everything on their disclosures you guys need to read it is very complicated but when you are looking or trying to make money sometimes you think "this is great" but it is not. they can do whatever they want according to the disclosure you signed. I just notice because what I read and what you guys said they did make perfect sence.
I really hope someone could stop this way to scam.
A  20th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
This is legal scam! However, there is room to take them to court and stop it. I am a current franchisee "I am not afraid to say it" in NC. The underbidding goes on and on and on. Master franchises either way, they have a management or sells' background. I am sure that ninety five percent of them have background in sales. They sell contracts to customers in-despite of the price and(they do not do the work, they are in management. You do the work), they sell it to you. If you do not "provide" the service you are suppose to, they will sell it again and again and again to other franchisees. Your failure, my gain, “what about that business model?”. Please think twice before you invest in this business because you are at the end of the food chain and they will eat you alive!
N  25th of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Jan-Pro has been the fastest growing franchise for at least the last 3 years. 4 I think. See for yourselves at entrepreneur.com. You do not experience that kind of success without first keeping the majority of your franchisees happy. If you are looking at it from an hourly wage perspective, you are not thinking as a business owner. It takes an average of over two years for a business to turn profitable, if it ever does. Franchises are no exception. If you are not making enough money, reduce your costs. If you have reduced your costs as much as possible, sell more business. It is that simple.
N  25th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
This is in responce to someone who calls himself " the voice of reason " who as we all now is someone from corporate.

1. You said that entrepeneur magazine has said that jan-pro is one of the fastest growing franchises. I can already smell the dirty toilet water. You forgot to mention how much money or how many Thousands of Dollars jan-pro spends advertising on entrepeneur magazine. There is a conflict of interest there. Maybe it's time we all call entrepeneur magazine and let them know how jan-pro Riped-us off.

2. You also forgot to mention that anyone with Chump Change can buy a jan-pro franchise. If you got $900.00 buckos they will take your money no mater who it is. The only reason they might have many franchisees is because anyone can buy one. That is not success.

3. You told us to reduce our cost to as much as posible. That is imposible when jan-pro has underbid the accounts so low that we are loosing money.

4. You sulution is for us to sell more business. However jan-pro will not show you how.

5. Simply this is a scam with Deceit and Fraud that we will prove when we go to trial.
D  26th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
1. So, Entrepeneur is on the take too. Just where does this conspiracy theory of yours end. I did not say that it is one of the fastest growing franchises, I said it was the fastest growing.

2. Here is a scary thought, I agree with you. The lower dollar packages are way too low. $950 down is not enough to make franchisees take it seriously. However, those who do not put in the effort, will not keep their franchises and do not count in the total.

3. It is not impossible to reduce costs, because you are in control of that, not Jan-Pro.

4. If your master franchisee will not teach you how to sell more business, find out for yourself. I get regular emails from a website called cleanguru.com. They are out there for the independents, but I have picked up a lot of information that I can use for my business as well.

5. I have serious doubts that your case will ever go to trial, especially considering the class action legal firm's shotgun approach. They are going after every major cleaning company at the same time. I would not even bet on a settlement at this point.

As I have said before, I did my homework before I jumped in. According to my FDD, there are a total of 3 lawsuits listed in Item 3, one of which is the class action under discussion here. One was settled six years ago, and one does not even involve Jan-Pro but two of its officers that were with another company that is being sued. I have FDD's from four other companies (one other commercial cleaning company) and all of them have at least a dozen cases listed.
N  26th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
This is in response to "the voice of r"

1. It's only obvious to anyone that if Entrepeneur magazine is getting payed THOUSANDS of DOLLARS that they are most likely going to say good things about them, Duh!

2. I see that you agree with me that $900 buckos is the only reason jan-pro got so many people to join and not because you tried to imply that they are a sucess. They are in the Business of SELLING Franchisees and nothing more.

3. You lied again. Are you in here to Lie and be Deceitfull? Stop being a LIAR. You Don't control your business. jan-pro controls you! If they call you at what ever time they feel like it and you don't return there call they will FINE you $50.00 Dollars. What kind of Dirty Crap is that. That is straight out stealling money. If jan-pro feels like it they can take your accounts away when ever they want to. Do you know how many people from around the country have called me and almost cried because they lost everything to jan-pro, because jan-pro ripped them off. How can you rip-off single moms, veterans, and hard working American families. How can jan-pro sleep at night.

4. Your 4th statement makes absolutely no sence. I mean seriously did you really think before you wrote it? I hope other people looking into buying a jan-pro franchise read this. Basicaly you are admiting that jan-pro will not teach you how to sell more business. So after someone gives jan-pro $20, 000 Dollars they should forget about jan-pro helping them or teaching them how to sell more business. So you are saying spend $20, 000 Dollars with jan-pro and then go to some website so that they can give you some tips ?? You have got to really be kidding me. Basically you are admiting that once you give your money to jan-pro and they don't help you, you should go to some website from who knows where and learn from who knows who, how to do something that you paid jan-pro Thousands of Dollars for . Why even bother buying a franchise with jan-crap, hey just go to some website in the middle of who knows where. You really need to screw your head on right because you are sounding just like jan-pro management.

5. You can have all the doubts you want about us goin to trial but Me and all of the Thousands of people from around the United States of America and Canada have Faith that we will get justice. We will keep fighting until we get Justice. Many more people will also be going to there District Attorney to file criminal charges. We need to stop jan-pro from hurting so many American Families.

6. The Fdd is very hard to understand it's like reading Tax Code. Even jan-pros attorneys admited that it's Very Hard to understand. Why would jan-pros attorneys say that because it is.

7. I know of about 7 lawsuits. There could also be many more posible Lawsuits in small claim courts. I wouldn't be surprised if there was many more of those around the country. I know of 2 other lawsuits that were about to be filled but these people had so much incriminating evidence that jan-pro settled. This was some really Hard Core Incriminating evidence.
D  26th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
1. If Entrepreneur's rankings are for sale, I wonder how much Subway pays to stay at the top spot overall.

2. I said that $950 was too low of a barrier to entry.

3. Where did I lie? Everything I have posted is the simple truth. No one is responsible for your actions other than you. If you did not understand anything in the contract, you should not have signed it. As a veteran, I find your last statement here offensive.

4. If you do not understand my statement, it is obvious to me why you were unable to comprehend the FDD. Are you saying that I should not utilize all resources available to me? What I said is that if your master franchisor does not do his job, find another route. If I sound like Jan-Pro management, I take that as a complement. I am a businessman, it is a good thing that I sound like it.

5. I will skip. Only time will settle this one.

6. While the FDD is not exactly Dr. Seuss, it is a far cry from the US tax code. My degree is business with an accounting and finance concentration and it still baffles me. The FDD on the other hand (assuming that there are only slight differences region to region) is fairly straightforward. Where did Jan-Pro's lawyers say that it was confusing? I would like to read it.

7. If you know of 7 lawsuits, you might want to tell your lawyer because they are required by law to disclose all current litigation as well as past litigation going back 10 years. Perhaps it is your local master franchisor who has the extra lawsuits. My master franchisor here in Tucson has none. Either way, I would be interested in seeing your hard core incriminating evidence.
N  26th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
In responce to "v of r" who we all now is someone from Corporate.

1. By the way why are you copying my number system copycater.

2. The only reason Entrepeneur or jan-pro might say that they were growing fast is only because anyone with chump change can buy a franchise with $900 bucks. They are in the business of selling franchises not cleaning. Selling franchises for $900 bucks does not make jan-pro sucesfull but a seller of $900 chump change franchises.

3. You have lied. You said that you control your own business and that is a BIG Fat Lie. Jan-pro controls you and decides what they want and what they can doo to you. You are simply buying a less than minimum wage job. Again you are being Deceitfull and Fraudulent like jan-pro. I know of veternas who have been ripedoff. I find it offensive that jan-pro riped them-off and I dont understand how you could let jan-pro get away with that.

4. Are you seriously gona keep trying to tell everyone that after you pay jan-pro Thousands of Dollars and they don't help you after they promised you, that you should go to some website that is in who knows where for help and not jan-pro who you payed Thousands of Dollars to. Jan-pro who promised you so many things before you gave them your money. Are you seriously thinking straight. What was the use of paying Thousands of Dollars to jan-pro for? You make absolutely no sence! I hope that anyone who is looking to buy a franchise reads all of these post that way they can read your post and know that if they spend $20, 000 Dollars on jan-pro and you need help that you beter forget about it and go to some website from who knows were so that you can get some tips from who knows who. I guees you finaly admit to being part of corporate at jan-pro.

5. Why do you want to skip this part. Is the truth getting to you.

6. The Fdd is not straight forward. It is Missrepresentfull and Deceitfull. Jan-pros lawyers admited to me and said that the Fdd and Contract is hard to understand. They also said that you should get a lawyer who can read it for you. Why would he say all of that? Because he knows its hard to understand. Now ask yourself why is jan-pro making this so dificult to understand, what shinaginans are they pulling?

7. Yes I do know of 7 Lawsuits. This is a scam hapening all over the country. I have also received calls from people in Arizona. People from your area have also called me to complain and tell me that jan-pro has riped them off. You said that you would be interested in seing this incriminating evidence. I will make sure to save you a seat at the courthouse when we go to trial.

8. Jan-pro Exposed on TV. Recently jan-pro was Exposed on Television. Here is the link so that you can see how jan-pro riped-off these people.

D  26th of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
1. I am merely addressing you point by point.

2. You are telling us Entrepreneur's thinking? Are you psychic as well? If you are, why did you not see your problems ahead of time?

3. If you believe that you are controlled by Jan-Pro, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. But, that is all that it is, an opinion. I stand by my personal integrity.

4. Jan-Pro has stood by everything that they promised me. I appreciate the forthrightness of my master franchisor. He offers training on building my business. But again, that does not stop me from looking at other possible sources of information. That is how I ended up finding this site and /link removed/

5. I skipped because only time will tell if the lawsuit is successful.

6. Jan-Pro's lawyers admitted that to you personally??? Seriously??? I have to run up the BS flag on that one.

7. If you know of seven lawsuits, what are the locations and case numbers? Even if it were true, it is nothing compared with the 31 cases listed in Jani-King's FDD. It seems the only liar here is you.

8. I do not understand why she signed the contract if she did not understand it. She should have insisted on the contract in spanish or at least had her lawyer translate it for her. Either way, it comes back to my point of not signing what you do not understand.
N  26th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
The following I copied and pasted from the website www.Courthousenews.com Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jan-Pro Faces Class Action From 'Franchisees'

BOSTON (CN) - Jan-Pro Franchising International cheats its cleaning employees by misclassifying them as franchisees, selling them "franchises" through misrepresentations, violates labor laws, and targets immigrants for all this, a class action claims in Federal Court.

The three named plaintiffs say Jan-Pro abuses its workers by "systemic misrepresentations and breaches of contract. ... Most notably, Jan-Pro purports to sell cleaning 'franchises, ' knowing it does not have sufficient business to satisfy its obligations under its franchise agreements. Individuals purchase these 'franchises' for substantial sums of money, based on Jan-Pro's misrepresentations about the guaranteed amount of monthly income the franchises will provide."

Jan-Pro targets people who do not speak English well for its deceptions, knowing they will not understand the contracts, and misrepresents the hourly pay they will receive, the plaintiffs say.

Plaintiff Giovanni Depianti bought his "franchise" by paying Jan-Pro "an initial fee of $23, 400, " and Hyun Ki Kim paid "an initial fee of $14, 400, " the suit states.

Jan-Pro claimed to guarantee them "a certain level of monthly income, " but "systematically breaches" these agreements, the men say.

Depianti was guaranteed $8, 000 a month and earned less than $3, 000, and Kim was guaranteed $7, 000 a month and made less than $4, 000, the men say.

They claim Jan-Pro churns accounts by manufacturing bogus "customer complaints" to take business away from one of its victims to offer it to another.

Represented by Shannon Liss-Riordan with Pyle Rome Lichten, the class demands damages for misrepresentation, unjust enrichment and wage law violations.
D  26th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
That is the same case we have been discussing. Is it not? You claimed to know of at least 7. I am asking you to prove it. Allegations prove nothing.
N  27th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
In responce to "voice of lies"

1. You seem to not understand. I'm telling you that the only reason jan-pro has sold many franchises is because they are like vultures and sell many franchises for chump change. If all there franchises were selling for $500, 000 Thousand they would probably only have half a dosen franchisees.

2. You can jump up and down scream and yell and deny it all you want but the truth is that jan-pro Controls you. Thousands of franchisees will tell you that. We are treated worse than employees. It's a fact.

3. I have talked to alot of people and jan-pro never helped them. Infact they did the oposite. They riped them off. So I know you are lying and so does everyone else. I have also had people from Arizona call me, yes your area and they told me that they got riped-off by jan-pro.

4. I asure you that we will be suceesfull in pursuing justice. We are pursuing justice because we got riped off.

5. Yes jan-pros lawyer admited that to me personally. Yes I'm very serious. You know why he admited it, because it's the truth. What you can't handle the Truth.

6. Yes I do know of 7 lawsuits that were filled. You can cry and deny it all you want, but the evidence is there. What shocks me is that you try and make it seem like if it wasn't to many.

7. The lady who came out on the Television Special on how jan-pro rips-off people signed the contract because Jan-pro was Deceitfull, Missrepresentfull and Fraudaulent. They lied to her and comited Fraud. Jan-pro will tell you what ever they have to tell you to get you to buy.

8. Did you listen to one of the ladies statements? Jan-pro Lied to her and told her that the customer hadn't paid, but then they went and talked to the customer and the customer told them that they had already paid. What kind of Fraud is jan-pro pulling. To me this is Fraud and breach of contract.

9. Did you see what the ladies that were covered up said. They said that when they went to cash there jan-pro check that the jan-pro check BOUNCED! Then when they went in to talk to jan-pro to tell them that there check Bounced they were kicked out of the office.

10. When they show up on the day that they are supose to pick up there check many times they don't have it.

11. Do you know why some of the ladies are covered up, because jan-pro will retaliate against them for telling the truth and take all of there accounts away. That is how Jan-pro Controls you.

12. Because of jan-pro one of ladys is now loosing her house.
N  27th of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
It is obvious that Mr. "1st Amendent" has way too much time on his hands to be posting all over this board. If this guy had such a strong work ethic, and a solid business plan then he ought to stop wasting his time on his board and go start a business. My guess is that Mr. "1st Amendement" would rather get a quick pay day from blaming some big bad corporation for his inability to effectively run a business. People fail at business all the time, but the difference between Mr. "1st Amendment" and those that become successful is pretty evident after reading all of these posts. Truly successful business owners, who work hard, understand that sometime failure is part of the risk that one takes to be an entrepreneur. However, when these successful business owners fail they pick themselves up and start fresh with a no idea, a new concept, and use these the failure as a life lesson. An unsuccessful business owner like Mr. "1st Amendment" prefers to cry and whine about how it is everyone elses fault and refuses to take responsibility for his own actions. I challenge Mr. "1st Amendment" to be a man, a true entrepreneur and move on!!

You were not meant to be a commercial cleaning franchisor, and "Voice of Reason" and myself who are from two different commercial cleaning franchsisors are proof that the system works if you work the system. If you don't like the contracts that are being offered to you then go out and sell your own and stop crying.

Secondly, the commercial cleaning industry is a VERY competitive industry. If you were looking for a cake walk with 80% profit margins to came to the wrong place. I have accepted accounts where I simply BROKE EVEN, because I knew the account had potential in extra work sales and possibly other buildings to clean. That is what you do as a business owner Mr. "1st Amendment!" It is plainly obvious from your posts that you have no business in this industry, and I truly thing you would fail at running any type of franchise you purchased because you just don't have it in your blood.

Some of the things I do agree with you on if they are truly happening are:

1. You should be able to view the cleaning schedule and actual maintenance agreement before accepting an account. My franchisor is very good about this and I am able to go through the entire folder of notes by the salesman. I also have 10 days in which I can turn the account back in to the office with no penalty at all. I do understand the reasoning for not allowing franchisees to walk the accounts as long as the office provides me a detailed outline of the building.

2. I did not know that Jan-Pro offered franchises for as little as $950. In my Jani-King region the mininum investment is $6, 000 plus a down payment of $650 for equipment and another $350 for the supply package. Instead of complaining about Jani-King or Jan-Pro as a whole why not complain about your region specifically which will do much more for you. If you have a bad meal at a McDonals in Miami, are you going to assume orclaim that McDonalds sells nothing but bad meals across the country?

3. I think it is the responsibility of the franchisor to teach you how to sell your own business and to provide on-going training for your franchise. In my Jani-King region we are provided free training at the regional office every month on topics relating to cleaning, as well as, selling accounts, and how to keep your business. After Jani-King met my initial business obligation my own busines plan assumed I would get no other business from them and instead focused on my own selling efforts. This way, any business that I did accept from them was just gravy, but I certainly was not going to have my families future rest on their business offerings. THIS IS WHAT SEPARATES THOSE WHO BOUGHT A FRANCHISE TO GET A JOB, VERSUS THOSE WHO BOUGHT A FRANCHISE TO OWN A BUSINESS.

Good luck with your lawsuit you are going to need it!
N  27th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
To Dusche group,

1. You are using the same tactics as jan-pro to try and stop me from posting the Truth. Jan-pro tried to take my 1st Amendment Rights. It looks like Janiking is trying to do the same. What you can't handle the truth!
I'm exercising my Rights under the 1st Amendment. Besides as an American that Loves his Country if I see someone ripping of someone or taking advantage I can't just sit down and let them get away with it. Slavery was abolished a long time ago. Dusche group maybe you need to go to a communist country because here in America we have fredom. I know of all the scare tactics that you and jan-pro try to use but people are going to start standing up.

2. Explain the 52 pieces of Litigation Janiking has.

3. Explain the Class Action Lawsuits that Janiking has in California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Minnesota.

4. This following Lawsuit by janiking is really something else. In order for janiking to get away from paying Taxes they tried to pass it on to the franchisee. Clasic isn't it. The Goverment didn't go for there crap. So now Janiking sues the Goverment. Yes thats right can you believe that. They sued the Comptroler of the State of Texas and the Attorney General. The Judge didn't buy there crap either and granted States Motion for Summary Judgement and held Janiking LIABLE. Janiking then Appealed and the court of appeals again found Janiking LIABLE! Anyone looking to buy a franchise with these companies now know what to expect from them. You have been warned that this is one of the many ### things that you can expect.

5. You said that if I dont like the contracts that jan-pro gives you that you should then go out and get your own. You make absolutely no sence. What is the point of buying a franchise then. I'm Glad that you mentioned this that way any potential person looking to buy a jan-pro or janiking franchise can see the way you all operate. So be warned everyone or any potential person looking to invest in these franchises. If they offer you crap accounts and and you are getting ripped of and you don't like it then tough luck and kiss your Hard earned money good bye.

6. These companies are in the business of selling franchises not cleaning.

7. You said that in some accounts you broke even, mine were much worse. Its funny how you try and use psycho bable to try and convince us that it's ok to get accounts were we breack even. Now you have been exposed. Now any potential people looking to buy a franchise have been warned. Then you try and imply that its ok because you can get some extra work which will also be underbid and a rip-off. You make absolutely no sence.

8. You lied again about the franchisor giving you 10 days in to which you can turn in the account. Infact this is a BIG FAT LIE.

9. Again you lie again. I see janiking franchises being advertised for $900 Buckos all the time. Is this more FALSE advertising.

10. On your last paragraph again you make no sence. You say that you are so good at geting accounts. Then why did you buy a franchise. If you are such a great business man what are you doing cleaning toilets. What jan-pro is doing is Fraud. They are doing the same thing a thief does when they breack into your house and steal your belongings. I'm not an Attorney but I think that Jan-pro needs to be prosecuted under the Rico and Raqueteering acts and there Executives and management need to go to Prison just like Madof and Enron. Anyone going to see there District Attorney please mention the Rico and Raqueteering acts.
D  27th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Leave it to someone who calls himself 1st Amendment claim that someone is trying to violate his civil rights. Now you are a hypocrite as well as a liar. I am not going to go point by point this time since you have posted twice since I last visited this board. I will however address some key issues.

1. As someone who raised his right hand, swearing to defend his country, I see it as you who is espousing socialism. You seem to think that someone owes you a living. Quit making excuses and earn your way.

2. You have repeatedly said that not only did you not use the resources available to you, you did not even bother to look for any. You expected to be spoon fed everything for your business and made no effort to help yourself.

3. I am still waiting for proof of your imaginary lawsuits. If you actually knew of 7, proving it should be no problem.

4. You accuse others of trying to violate your civil rights. Telling you to put up or shut up id not a violation of your freedom of speach.

5. You also claim quite frequently that you are telling the truth. I have not seen it. I believe that you feel you have been wronged. But, just because you believe something, does not make it true or correct.

6. Finally, for now as I have a business to run, your comments about the Rico and racketeering acts are truly laughable.

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