I purchased this product from them for a $149. I receive the product about 3 weeks later. I pulled the product out of the Box read the instructions put the product together as instructed and I noticed the number 1 antenna was very very loose wobbled around as you kind of shook the product. I pulled the antenna off to see what was the matter and the connection fell down into the machine.

I contacted jammers from and all they did was make excuses and then tell me that I had to ship it back to them for repair. I tried to ship it back to them and it cost more to ship it back to them than the product is worth I ask them to Send me a return label so I could get it back to them and they won't do it they won't even reply to my emails now. I don't even want my money back I would just like a replacement so stay away from this company it is a toy store piece of merchandise something you can get at local gag stores but you pay high dollar for it and they make it sound like it is A great piece of equipment

May 01, 2018

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