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Was scammed out of $35, 000 in a supposed "proof of funds" real estate transaction, in which I was supposed to receive a 11.5k return on investment. Solicited by a fellow investor who did business with Rodgers and completed a successful deal, and then reinvested all his and his families money, and he never got paid either. Rodgers proposes this as a promissory note using a friend as the "buyer", sets up a bank account with that person, and has the investor deposit funds into the account. Seems to be a Ponzi scheme. I am suing him. He's already been convicted of identity theft and burglary and has settled other cases. Heard through another party involved that the FBI may be investigating him, and this company, as well. No longer has real estate license through Calif DRE.

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  • Ja
      Feb 24, 2009

    It's very confusing when someone makes a posting and doesn't identify themselves. Anyone who has been so hurt or ripped off as this person, "Lynn" is claiming shouldn't have any reason to keep their name a secret. There were six people that were hurt by this opportunity that we all got into. So I know each one of them very well. I think that this ladies name is Victoria Dunckley. The truth is that I was never convicted of burgylary and indentity theft, the FBI is not investigating me, and my real estate licnense is active and can be viewed on the DRE website by anyone who wants to see it. Here is the link:
    I'm sorry that I was a part of Victoria losing any money at all. It has been a rough year for a lot of people including myself who lost a lot of money in investments as well. I sure that we all get through this and look back on this one day stronger than ever.
    -Jameson Rodgers

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  • Go
      Mar 14, 2009

    Hey "Lynn" i I got scammed too. I am currently looking for an attorney. call me at 818.642.0892. leave a message.

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  • Ma
      May 28, 2009

    I was also scammed by the same individual.

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  • P4
      Jun 02, 2009

    Just like Lynn, 'lost over 35k with the same type of proof of funds deals etc. I don't know what to do.

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  • El
      Jun 05, 2009

    We were scammed out of 55k promising a 55% (100% secured) deal. Similar to Lynn. We waited patiently for over 14 months before filing a complaint. The city attorney has a special email address for people conned in real estate related transactions. Delgadillo is currently prosecuting other real estate agents and loan officers involved in these types of scams. Here it is: atty.[protected]

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  • Fr
      Jun 22, 2009

    Let me start by saying that I lost money too and I'm very pissed.
    I was an investor with Jameson and for about 11 months we were giving potential home buyers short term hard money loans etc. I watched as we both made money and he had a successful business running a mortgage company. And then one day in late 2007 everything just stopped. I watched as Jameson's mortgage business and this short term hard money loan business came crumbling down in a matter of weeks. I was one of the main investors and knew a lot about who referred Jameson the borrowers who needed loans and so on. Due to a few people who were helping broker these borrowers greed things screeched to a halt. I know for a fact that Jameson lost a lot of money in these deals as well as a lot of people that were just starting to invest...because they were referred by someone or heard about this investment opportunity somehow. I am a real estate investor, developer, and entrepreneur. I know that sometimes my investments won't pan out the way I expect. That's just a part of business. I'm upset that I lost money but I know that I wasn't scammed by Jameson. If there's anyone at fault for these investments not being profitable it's the greedy brokers who referred the borrowers or the borrowers themselves who's loans didn’t go through but decided to keep the money without making payments etc. I still talk to Jameson once in a while and find him to be a very smart, talented young man and I think that he will go on to do great things. Keep your head up.

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  • Go
      Aug 14, 2009

    First of all Shut up Fred Rubin, you dont know ###.

    There are almost 15 investors that JAMESON MICHAEL RODGERS stole from. Nearly $1, 000, 000 total. Yes, you probably thought there were a few. If you look at this list of creditors, there is that many innocent individuals he stole from. He knew exactly what he was doing, steal our money and file bankruptcy...who does that? People who are thieves. A bunch of us with be going to the LA District attorney in the next week. I suggest you get all your paperwork, anything that will incriminate him. fake promissory notes, craigslist ad, notes, emails, text messages, witnessess, bank statements. This is something the DA dont mind prosescuting, They have have a whole website dedicated to fraud. If you are interested, I need you to reply to this ad with the word "yes, let's send Jameson Rodger to prison" I pray that all 15 investors will respond. I will then keep you all posted via mail.

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  • Go
      Aug 14, 2009

    Fred Rubin, you are not listed in any of the creditors claims, so what money did you lose? You're worse then Jameson in trying to defend him...

    Fred Rubin is a scammed artist as well...get off this site.

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  • Go
      Aug 14, 2009

    Jameson Rodgers stole $1, 000, 000 (one million dollars) of investors money...(sorry somehow the money part got cut off above) i want you all to be aware it is ONE MILLION DOLLARS HE HAS HIDING SOMEWHERE...

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  • Kn
      Aug 14, 2009

    You know, this is a terrible thing, this economy. It's brought people who once did good business together, going at each other when a deal or deals, or the whole damn economy colapses. Remember that when you invest, it's just that, an investment. Anyone out there have a 401K, how about stocks, how are they doing for you? I don't see the DA going after our stock brokers. Or our banks, oh wait, they got 'bailed out'. The higher the pay-off (return) the higher the risk. If you don't know that by now, I have no idea how on earth you got enough money to invest with anyone. I was an investor with Jameson, and a few others. I made some money and lost a lot of money. I knew exactly what I was doing. Sure, Jameson promised me this and that, said to just wait. Young and hopeful and not wanting to let anyone down, he tried. This was by no means a ponzi or scam, it was hard money loans and you know it, you just don't want to admit it, admit that you were not savvy enough to do your homework and realize the risks involved. It hurts, along with the rest of the world, turn on any channel, at any hour of the day, it's about money, or the loss of it, for everyone, across the board. I know Fred, he and I invested together. Not a stupid man, but like he, I choose to remake my money elsewhere, instead of making false accusations on blogs and calling people to try and get my "greed" money back.
    You should re-read what you've written...stolen a million dollars, come on, has it hidden somewhere? Really? Wouldn't someone like that skip town and move to Aruba or something? And NOT file bankruptcy. People file bankruptcy to regain control of their own life, the bk courts are full of them. I'm just waiting for the next deal to recoup my money. See people like us reinvent ourselves...that is what true investors do. Not sit and wallow in our own self-pity and blame others.

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  • Go
      Aug 14, 2009

    Hard to leave town with a anklet bracelet tied to you, dont you think, dumb ###...

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  • Ap
      Sep 02, 2009

    Whoever you are that is defending and justifying him must not have really lost the money you claim. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Jameson himself writing this. Actually, when someone advertises something as %100 guaranteed, and is promising this to normal people, not "SAVY" investors, and uses sophistry and false representations that is deliberate deception. There was no "read the fine print this is an investment" warning. On the contrary, he promised in writing it was %100 guaranteed and legit. I also have a letter from the DRE commissioner requesting this evidence. Here is a copy of that very email:

    Hey Alex,

    Thanks for your response. Basically you will be secured in several ways, this is the deal. I own one of the largest real estate and mortgage companies in the San Fernando Valley. I sell bulk real estate properties to investors. I have an investor who ows several properties, 3 of them are currently in escrow and the others are being upgraded and ready to be placed on the market. I have been working with this investor for quite a while and real estate flipping is his life. The issue we ran into, that im sure you are already aware of, is that Banks have became very strict on who they lend too, we used to be able to close a deal no problem in 30 days. Now it takes about 45-60 days. This invsestor needs the money to pay for the other mortgages, and finsih the rehabbing on his properties. These deals have been in escrow for about 2 weeks now and have about 4 weeks left till they close. Until then he needs a solution in order to save his credit, and continue in this career of his. These properties he owns all have HUGE equity in them, and he will make tons of money once they close. Its a time sensitive matter as the payment due dates are coming up, thats why he is willing to make less of a profit on the homes he is selling and offer a 55% return on your money, if someone can help him save his credit from getting a late.


    You will recieve a promisary note signed and notarzied by all parties in the transacion, A note on the property for your investment plus your return, and an amendment from escrow instructing your postion in the transaction, and stating that you recieve your money back plus your return. This will all be recoreded and put into escrow, and you will now be a third party in this escrow. 100% LEGAL and Guaranteed! You will also get a copy of all escrow docs, including appraisal, escrow instructions, purchase contracts etc...

    Investment needed is $55, 000.00 and your return is 55%

    You can come by anytime, check out our office, and i can show you past deals that we have closed, with checks being made out to previous borrowers. This is a time sensitive matter again, its first come first serve, we only need one investor at this time so please let me know when you can meet asap!

    Hope this gave you a better idea.

    Jameson Rodgers

    > Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 12:01:42 -0800
    > From: [protected]
    > To: [protected]
    > Subject: Ad on Craigslist
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    > Hi,
    > I saw your ad on craigslist and I'd like to learn more about
    > investing. My wife and I have about $120k that we've been saving for
    > the past 5 years. We have been looking into investing at least 70k.
    > How do we know this is a 100% legitimate investment. Sorry, this is
    > the first time we invest and my wife is always nagging me about being
    > too impulsive. I'm ready to invest our money. If this is a good deal
    > I'm sure I can pursuade her to agree. Please reply Asap as I'll be
    > waiting for your email.Thnx
    > Alex Betancourt

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  • Sa
      Mar 19, 2012

    Now he is selling a car on ebay.
    Maybe more scams... ???

    Ebay item #:
    Item number: [protected]

    Sound like a real low life!!!

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  • Ne
      Jun 08, 2016

    Jameson is a crook, he is a very smart and educated crook. He took advantage of friends, family, and random people from craigslist. He knows how to talk. He claims he is a Christian, but we all know that the ones closest to the devil use religion to steal money from innocent people. I would not do business with him, and would urge anyone that is even thinking about it to not get involved with Jameson.

    He is a crook, end of story. If anyone wants to speak to me, I'd be happy to explain exactly what happen.

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