James "Shorty" WintersPolice bruality

James "Shorty" Winters, of the West Palm Beach Police Department, is abusing his authority again. This time, he was involved in the rape of Beverly Lee, mistaken for Mrs. Ruth Bell, 18 and 22 of December, 2014.

A call was made around to 610 Evernia Street, the 18 December about a Preston Lurks of Muskogee, OK, beating and raping a Beverly Lurks Lee (or Pia Williams of Desoto, TX) of Muskogee, OK (Preston and Beverly are first cousins). Lee entered Preston's apartment 17 or 18 December with questions about his reasons for living in West Palm Beach. She also asked questions about another cousin previously living in West Palm Beach. She heard that he had left his apartment at 446 16th Street, but was planning to return soon and remove all personal belongings. She wanted to enter the apartment and take some of valuables, including pre-Civil War mementos and Modern Art prints (valued as high as $1000 a piece). Basically, she wanted to commit robbery, along with another individual named John Thompson of Washington, D.C. -- a prowler already in the apartment). Lee and Thompson are former grade school classmates out of "Special Education." Of course, she informed Preston Lurks of her plan. She didn't have a place to stay so she shared the only bed in Preston's apartment. He proceeded to rape her. Local policemen were called. After several hours, a group of five plain-clothed policemen, reported to the address. All the while, she was being raped by Preston Lurks. The group of five joined Preston. And made an arrest of Beverly Lee for trespassing and other charges. Corporal James Winters was a participant in this chaos, and he was never reprimanded or charged.

Winters is also responsible for the disappearance of the Mrs. Ruth Bell, Angelia Bell, Leonard Bell, Kewanna Grant and Mark Grant, and maybe Freman Gilmore. He has raped them continuously, and robbed them of their money. He is further accused of depleting Mrs. Ruth Bell's estate. It is said, he has them hiding in Palm Beach, FL. He uses them as maids and cooks when entertaining his friends. He never pays, we call this slavery.

Dec 26, 2014

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