[Resolved] james sharichracism

i am a facebook user that has had a lot of disgusting messages from a group of players of a game called zombie wars.
one of the players is sending vile racist messages to my friend harry crouther. i have asked everyboy in the group to report and delete this degenerate to no avail, the reason im writing to you is that one of your tech controller in banbury called james sharich has been sending me nasty messages with swear words in just because i have been making a stand against racism.
i told this person that i would report him for this as i think its disgusting that people use such language on an open forum where kids can read his comments. i think that you should stop your workers using language that brings the usaf into disrepute
i hope you will take notice of my complaint
trevor phillips
you need to contact me do so by email only
i have his messages but do not know how to attach them to my complaint

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