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Jalin Realty Capital Advisors, LLC / False hope funding and possibly Fraudulent You Decide

1 Henning, MN, United States Review updated:
Contact information:

The below is information, as the NCND allows, on the strange and possibly Fraudulent business practices of;

1) Jalin Realty Capital Advisors, LLC (registered by Rythm Stone Media Group LLC)

2) C David Manns of Jalin Realty Capital Advisors, LLC

3) Anthony Bryd Vice President/General Manager of WWRD-TV Dayton Ohio, Owner of Rythm Stone Media Group LLC, Owner of Jalin Realty Capital Advisors LLC

This will include the connections to other companies and Broker/Dealers that vouched for them. Such as Richard Cooper of Cooper Consulting Group and Danielle Vareltzis of Danrik Group.

To verify the above information go to the link, search for both Company names, and view the documents to see the registrant.

The link below will provide the number to call and verify Anthony Bryd’s position with WWRD-TV. Also included is the contact page for Rythm Stone Media Group.

Thank you

On 07-29-2010, A Better Wireless, NISP, LLC (ABW) executed a loan commitment with Jalin Realty Capital Advisors, LLC (JRCA). Our funding was to begin no later than 08-30-2010. This was to begin tranches, totaling over $50, 000, 000.00, and completing the total funding within 60 days of the closing date.

On 07-30-2010, the required “Commitment Fee” (in excess of $36, 000.00) was wired to JRCA on ABW’s behalf from a third party and verified that JRCA received these funds. ABW has legal obligation to repay these funds to the third party.

On 08-05-2010, a Non Circumvention/Non Disclosure (NCND) was executed between ABW and JRCA.

On or about 10-15-2010, ABW began to demand documents from C David Manns to prove the performance, by JRCA, on the executed loan commitment (Allowed in the NCND section II paragraph 2). This was after confirming, through a third party, that an escrow account was never opened nor funded on behalf of ABW for the amount identified in the loan commitment. This amount identified as a “Collateral Fee”is in excess of $1, 500, 000.00 ($1.5 mil).

On or about 10-23-2010, ABW contacted Anthony Bryd (Vice President of WWRD TV) at WWRD TV in Dayton Ohio. The listed registrant of JRCA to try and find out from a principal what was happening with our funding. ABW resorted to the TV Station after trying all numbers listed for JRCA and C David Manns. Mr. Bryd stated he would have someone contact ABW.

On 10-25-2010, ABW received an email from C David Manns of his intention to rescind our verbal agreement and legal counsel will follow up with the official Notice to Rescind.

On 10-26-2010, ABW received an email, from C David Manns with a PDF attachment identified as Notice of Non Renewal. Later in the day ABW received another email from Danielle Vareltzis (DanRik Group), a portion copied below regarding the “Commitment Fee”, that stated

The attorney's our taking care of the paper work and will
get it out to Better Wireless when completed.

11-01-2010, To date ABW has received no documents nor disposition of the “Commitment Fee”

11-16-2010, To Date ABW has received no documents nor what has happened to our “Commitment Fee”.

11-16-2010, Email Demand Notice

Mr. Manns and Mr. Bryd,

JRCA has 72 hours, by end of business 11-19-2010 CST, (NCND notification time) to;

A) Issue binding loan documents and fund ABW, as per current
executed loan commitment.

B) Refund the “Commitment Fee” to ABW’s account

If this is not completed within that time frame we will release ALL
documents and information we have received to the authorities.
Beginning with the SEC (for MN, OH, PA, and TX), FBI, FCC, MN State Police,
MN Attorney General, and Ferguson Law Group (the escrow group).
I have contacted Bank A Fraud and Bank B Fraud and have begun the
complaints against JRCA and Brightway and shall complete the complaints
upon the expiration of the 72 hours by providing all documents
to them.

I await your response

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  • Hm
      23rd of Nov, 2010
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    If you want to see more check out

  • Hm
      7th of Dec, 2010
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    More interesting information about Richard Cooper's partner (as he told us)

    Order to Cease and Desist and Order to Show Cause

    Donald S. Chapman, Cranford, NJ
    Danielle Vareltzis, Cranford, NJ
    Danrik Group, LLC, Cranford, NJ
    Order to Cease and Desist and Order to Show Cause #E-10-009159, October 5, 2010. Licensees are ordered to cease and desist from engaging in any debt adjustment activities and from any activity as a mortgage loan solicitor or mortgage loan originator. Licensees are also ordered to appear and show cause why they should not be jointly or severally liable for administrative penalties. Parties have the right to request a hearing within 20 calendar days from the date of service.

  • Hm
      23rd of Jan, 2011
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    The number of Groups that Jalin has taken money from and not funded is grown to four now...
    Look out everyone DO NOT get scammed like we did

  • Hm
      25th of Jan, 2011
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    Anyone looking at doing Business with Jalin Realty Capital Advisors LLC.
    PLEASE run from them or use Extreme Caution. The refund in the contracts appear to be bogus, as seen below.
    Save your business and money they DO NOT FUND!!!

    Thank you, Mitch. I have also spoke with Jalin Realty's attorney. Per the attached complaint summary, he asserts the commitment fee is the cost for preparing the loan package ie)processing, underwriting, and due diligence, which is a service provided even if the loan is not granted. He also believes arbitration was an option your company refused. In addition, I should forewarn you that he expressed a lawsuit is being filed related to this issue. He indicated he would provide me with the case number.

    Please understand the legality of the contract will better be addressed by a state Attorney General and/or your company's attorney. If a state Attorney General or another government entity issues a formal judgment, your BBB may be able to report this information in its reliability report if it meets are reporting guidelines. As indicated before, I will share your information as well as any documents other complainants provide with our Ohio State Attorney General for their review and consideration.

    In summary, your BBB's role can be to assist the parties in coming to a resolution and reporting that outcome in the company's BBB reliability report. Enforcement of the law is the responsibility of the judicial system and your BBB is happy to work with that system.

    At this point, I need your response to Jalin Realty's attorney's position. In order to report the case in the company's BBB reliability report upon its closure, I need to notify the company in writing of the case. All correspondence with the company has been performed by phone to this date. Therefore, I will forward your position in writing to Jalin Realty Capital Advisors for review and response.

    Thank you for your follow up and communication.

    Christy Mauch | Director of Operations/Executive Director, Center for Business and Consumer Ethics, Inc.

    Tel: 937-222-1534, ext. 2264
    Fax: 937-222-3338
    Email: | Start With Trust

    Better Business Bureau
    15 W. Fourth St., Ste. 300
    Dayton, Ohio 45402

  • Hm
      25th of Mar, 2011
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    The BBB of Dayton report

    This report shows Jalin may be going by another name as well
    American Capital Holding LLC

    Use extreme caution

  • Hm
      4th of Apr, 2011
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    02-14-2010, Jalin Realty Capital Advisors served a Federal Court Law Suit on us for all of our complaining, posting, and various websites.

    WOW, this is crazy TAKE my money, REFUSE to fund me, then SUE me our system sure protects the, ”Less than Honorable”

    USE CAUTION with these “people” you might throw lots of good money after bad.

    They still have our $37, 500.00 and now money spent to fight the law suit.

    We still have no funding and now have to wait to even approach possible funding until this frivolous law suit is over.

    The Frivolous Suit link

    03-30-2011, Still nothing from C David Manns, Anthony Bryd, nor any of the Jalin people as far as getting a refund.

    Waiting for an update from our Attorney.

    We are carrying on the TRUE and GOOD fight so PLEASE do not loose Money to JALIN REALTY CAPITAL ADVISORS, C David Manns, Anthony Bryd, or anyone remotely associated with them.

  • Hm
      5th of Apr, 2011
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    To view the document click the link below

    The way it was to have happened according to Richard Cooper and Danielle Vareltzis, Cranford, NJ
    Danrik Group, LLC, Cranford, NJ

    Also check out as see the comments left by others

    Richard Cooper assured us this was real funding and that he had funded another group through this same avenue. He lead us to believe this was real and continually attempted to re-assure us that it will happen. Since this website has been up we have been contacted by other groups in the same situation, money sent and no funding.

    Richard Cooper is now involved with

    USE EXTREME CAUTION… Check and triple check every and/or any thing he tells you!!!

    Mr Cooper now avoids any contact with us since this incident.

    Richard S. Cooper
    Richard Cooper Consulting
    Business & Trade Development & Strategic Financing
    3759 Mary Ann Point Road
    Johns Island, SC 29455, USA
    (office) 843-559-7099
    (fax) 843-559-7288 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 843-559-7288 end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Data Processing line so call office before faxing)
    EarthLink Revolves Around You.

  • Hm
      8th of Apr, 2011
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    04-07-2011, Jalin Realty Capital Advisors, LLC file and serve us with a Federal Law Suit and then on 04-07-2011

    Cancel the Business trade name with the Ohio Secretary of State ???? Very Interesting

    see the link below for the document

  • Hm
      4th of Dec, 2011
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  • Hm
      25th of Apr, 2012
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    WOW look at the happening NOW

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