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Jaguar Central Inc. / Buyers Beware!

1 535 S. Magnolia Ave., Ontario, CA 91762Ontario Corona, CA, United States Review updated:

I have a very similar/exact story as david42581 of Jupiter, Florida -- See /URL removed/ I entered an agreement with Jaguar Central (Mike Cummins) to purchase a fully/restored 1966 XKE in January 2007.

Car was delivered to me in June 2007. Mike Cummins and I went over an initial inspection of the car. Car was delivered with obvious problems. I could not drive the car because it would not hold a charge (obvious short in the electrical system). In addition, the front suspension not assembled correctly, there was a large oil leak at the pan, leak on clutch reservoir that caused damage to the paing (I was TOLD by Cummins Jags did NOT leak/seep any oil/fluids if put together properly like he did).

I told Cummins I would f/up with a detailed summary of items needing remedy (to be fixed) within 1-2 days by email. Cummins ASSURED me he would take care of any items I found. I was promised by Cummins that Jaguar Central was an honest family-owned company and all items would be completed to my satisfaction.

I did f/up by email with a detailed 'list' of 24 items needing to be fixed, some major, some minor. The car was sent to Jaguar Central 3 times over a 7 month period to remedy/fix the 'list' of 24 items.

The car was first sent to Jaguar Central one week after the initial delivery -- the car could not be driven. During the 7 weeks the car was at Jaguar Central, I would call Cummins once a week for a status. I was told each time the car was coming along fine and all items would be completed. Cummins told me he would drive the car 50 miles to ensure all items were completed/work out any problems.

After (Cummins) assured me all items had been completed, the car was returned to me. When I checked the car, I found not one item had been completed. I called and asked Cummins the obvious question -- what happened? He told me he was 'having employee problems'.

I encounted a similar set of events the second time the car was sent to Jaguar Central. A few items were completed. I was assured by Cummins the 'list' was completed. Test drive completed. No problems. Car was returned to me, I could still not drive because of the electrical and front end problems, 90% of my list not completed.

The third time the car was sent to Cummins to complete the 'list' was Oct 2007, I was told it would take about a week to complete all items. The week turned into 3+ months. Key items on the 'list' were never completed. Car was returned to me in Jan 2008, 75% of my list not completed. In fact, car was delivered with several nics on paint and a burr on the bonnet.

After 7 months of ongoing contradictory explanations, I ended my ordeal, realized Mike Cummins had no intention to complete my 'list'. Cost to complete my 'list' along with other items not properly done during the restoration was in excess of $15, 000 -- front suspension had to be reassembled, electrical work had to be redone, paint blistering due to poor prep, repaint the bonnet...

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  • Sa
      11th of Jun, 2009
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    Better Business Burearu gives Jaguar Central a 'F' Rating.
    "Our opinion of what this rating means: We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices."

    Jaguar Central, aka Jaguar Central Inc., Jaguar Central Corona, Mike Cummins, Cheryl Cummins, Cheryl Koop-Cummins

  • Jc
      1st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    There are now 5 individuals who have been ripped off by Mike Cummins, Cheryl Cummins, Cheryl Koop-Cummins in the Jaguar Community -- JCNA (Jaguar Clubs of North America). See the thread on the JCNA site for details.

    You can also find by inserting JCNA in a google search, then click 'FORUMS' on green bar, then on right side under -Forum Search- enter Keyword(s) Jaguar Central, then scroll down under 'Subject' to 'Re: Jaguar Central - Ontario CA'

  • Fr
      19th of Sep, 2009
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    JCNA has stripped Mike and Cheryl Cummins of all wins to include deleting any/all mention on the JCNA web site ('Standings' Section) -- an unprecedeted action for JCNA. Given the extent of misrepresentation and fraud committed by Mike and Cheryl Cummins, JCNA is in the process of revising its by-laws to ensure criminals like Mike and Cheryl Cummins never take advantage of the good people at JCNA again.

    Mike Cummins, Cheryl Cummins (Jaguar Central) entered 3 JCNA sanctioned events in 2007. August 5, 2007 (Spanish Landing, San Diego), September 9, 2007 (Botanic Garden), and October 6, 2007 (Wine Country) -- winning all 3 events. They proudly and flamboyantly entered a 1959 grey XK150S representing they owned and restored the car.

    These were LIES. Mike and Cheryl Cummins committed FRAUD. The Cummins did not own the 1959 XK150S. The Cummins did not restore the 1959 XK150S. JCNA has confirmed via notarized documentation by the real owner of the XK150S that he had taken his XK150S to Jaguar Central (Mike Cummins) for servicing. Under the auspices of servicing the car, Mike and Cheryl Cummins fabricated delays, then took the car to JCNA sanctioned events without the owner's permission -- or knowledge.

    Mike and Cheryl Cummins used the 3 wins as credentials to establish themselves as experts in the Jaguar community, then went on to defraud and steal more than $700, 000 from 10 different parties. The Cummins amazingly claimed they were Board of Directors for JCNA -- and also JCNA sanctioned judges. JCNA has confirmed both Mike Cummins and Cheryl Cummins are not (never were) on the Board of Directors of JCNA . JCNA has also confirmed both Mike Cummins and Cheryl Cummins are not (never were) JCNA sanctioned judges.

    Mike Cummins and Cheryl Cummins are very BAD people. Con-Man. Con-Woman. Mike Cummins and Cheryl Cummins LIE. CHEAT. STEAL. BEWARE!

  • Pi
      17th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Mike Cummins now using new company name RCM Restorations. Ebay handle rcm_restorations. BEWARE

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