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On Tuesday night around 8:19 My account was hacked. The password was changed and the hacker was able to get into my bank(and sold everything worth any value-He even purchased a few of augmentor dissolvers so he could sell the weapons and armors I had augmented. I lost hundreds of millions in gold and items. I was playing runescape a couple minutes before 8:19 and then I was kicked off. I frantically tried to log in to my runescape account only to find that the password was changed. I continued to try to get a password reset sent to my registered email(for some reason the filters were preventing any emails from runescape to come through)

There was a different Ip address used to access my account between the password changes(the hackers and the last one I did) I have proof of this.

Why didn't the password delivery system check the ip address before allowing the hacker to change my password?

If there was a wait time(like there is when changing bank pins) when changing passwords none of this would have been able to happen

I have lost at least 500 million gp in divine energies/planks/runes/herbs/ores/bars/weapons/armors gold/and other miscellaneous items(springs/silver hawk feathers/etc.) All of which can be proved if jagex Would release the items list the hacker sold on the ge that night between 8:19 and lets say 10:15

I was assured the hacker would face consequences of their actions by a mod on the twitter page but whatever the consequence is I will be left out of the decision making(so I can only imagine what it/they could be-slap on the wrist/a permanently banned account/blocked IP address) But not jail time

I have been playing on and of for twelve years now and in those 12 years of playing I have gathered a lot of in game wealth and now it is all gone cleaned out but some hacker. The very same mod(from above) tells me that they will not replace the items sold/compensate me for the items stolen and I would have to replace the items stolen by myself and without any help from Jagex.

Which does not seem fair I didn't invite the hacker(from Midlothian, Texas BTW) to come and rob me of all my valuable possessions on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 6:48 PM (Central Standard Time)

Jagex Ltd. 220 Cambridge Science Park Rd, Cambridge CB4 0WA United Kingdom

I hope to hear something but don't really expect to( I have a small sample of what the hacker sold on the GE) I got it from the history option at the Grand exchange if needed)
Jagex Ltd. 220 Cambridge Science Park Rd,

Jan 13, 2017

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