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Jagex / My account banning

New Zealand Review updated:
Hi i got banned from runescape .thankfull for saying my personal details apparently thats rule 13 im breaking .Rule 13 clearly states that you dont ask for personal details all i said was what my school is and what country i am in does that look like asking for personal details i read the evidence none of me asking for personal details . My runescape userame is jadeb9620 .If any jagex staff could contact me to unban my account please email me on jadeb9620@ymail.com



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  1st of Dec, 2008
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um jagex some one came up to me and said give me your user name and he said my accoutn and blah blah and i thouyght he was a moderator and he hacked me he said if i did not give him the information he, d ban me i was scared and i paniced and i did not want to get banned and i was scared it happed on dec 1 2007 6:44 please jagex i want him back hes on now jagex plese i folo rules i just thought he was i told him that in the room where you get color ful shoes it said that but he said some one might hack your accounto im scared and i like that accoutn i got hacked about 4 days ago and i typed in my recovery questions and tah dah i had it back i want my account back please the user names buddha670 and you can email me and ill tell yuo all the information please jagex eamil me at toberfish@embarqmail.com jagex please im scared and my parents are mad to
  8th of Jan, 2009
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###, chances were you were being a scam monkey and they caught you. Go cry me a river
  12th of Mar, 2009
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hello my name is mr smith and my son plays this game.unfortunately he has been getting muted. he has informed me that it is unfair.i have seen the evidence and although he is guilty on his first two offenses and he knows that. there are 4 other offecens that arent fair. on the evidence shown it is all point less and it proves that jagex dont ivestigate these things fully.the latest one on his acc that i have seen is rule thirteen. and all he sed was." who thinks gertjaars owns" and the my son went on to say "i am looking up bank accounts on net" that was the comment he got muted for. but if u look on the main runescape website on the 3/3/09 there was a post about bank accounts. are u allowed to ban people for talking about the official runescape site. his account name is ROOBIZZY
  27th of Apr, 2011
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I was signing up to be a moderator and it said to put my user name and password so I did.then it said that my account has been permanently banned because it said have you ever been banned or muted and i said no but i was supposed to say yes and next thing I know my password doesn't work.I find that unfair

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