Jacqueline Howe John C HoweJacqueline Howe Received Fraudulent Funds from Father John C. Howe

Jacqueline Howe Received Fraudulent Funds from Father John C. Howe

Ongoing IRS and SEC Investigations into Tax Cheat Father, John C. Howe Calls into Question Daughter Jacqueline Howe’s Involvement in His Fraud Scheme

Jacqueline Ryan Howe was born on May 16, 1986. At age 28, she must be excited in planning her wedding to Peter Bergschneider, scheduled on February 15, 2015 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

But that wedding might have to wait.

Jacqueline and her mother, Sarah Y. Howe, may be directly involved in receiving funds stolen from private investors by Jacqueline’s father, John C. Howe.

Her father, John Howe, has been exposed by not one, but two whistleblowers, for committing heinous frauds against the IRS, SEC and Mr. Howe’s coveted private hedge fund investors. Those whistleblowers have accused Mr. Howe and his funds of committing tax fraud, securities fraud, and of stealing client funds for his own benefit.

Even worse is the present predicament that Jacqueline Howe and her mother, Sarah Howe find themselves in. After all, this is the second time Jacqueline Howe has been humiliated by her father stealing client funds. Eight years ago, Jacqueline Howe had to withstand the horrible publicity and humiliation when father John Howe was accused of taking client funds for his personal benefit. That case was investigated by the SEC, and reported on by the New York Post and other publications

Not only is Jacqueline’s father implicated in certain frauds some of which could send him to prison, but Jacqueline and her mother, Sarah, are accused of cooperating with John Howe in perpetrating the frauds.

Says Jacob Reinstein of Fraud Report, “If this case goes in the typical direction, both Jacqueline and her mother, Sarah Howe, will most likely be charged with receiving fraudulent assets from father and husband, John C. Howe.”

A second whistleblower, who is a former associate of John Howe, has specifically identified both Jacqueline Howe, and mother Sarah Howe, as recipients of funds “siphoning” from private investor accounts.

Whistleblowers International, an international whistleblower advocacy group, has interviewed the second whistleblower and has told this Fraud Report that the whistleblower has written documents supporting the receipt of investor funds by Jacqueline and Sarah Howe.

Says E.U legal correspondence John Bune, “Regardless of whether Jacqueline and mother Sarah knew that the transfers were fraudulent, they are likely to have to go through an exhaustive legal ordeal that will entail their being sued to return the funds. Legal fees alone are likely to be extensive.”

What if Jacqueline and Sarah Howe do not have the money to pay back the stolen funds or to pay expensive lawyers to defend them?

Says a bankruptcy attorney close to the case “If Sarah and Jacqueline cannot pay back the funds, their assets will be attached and possibly liquidated.”

At front and center as a prime asset is the home that Sarah and John Howe live in at 4 Winding Lane, in Westport. Public records and an on-line appraisal service place a value on that home at not less than $2 million. That home is in the name of Sarah Howe and could be used to liquidate and repay investors and other creditors.

As Jacob Reinstein of Fraud Report notes, “Based on the overall lifestyle of the Howe family, and the allegations that these frauds and transfers occurred over many years, the $2 million from liquidating the Westport home is likely to be insignificant when compared with the total amount of funds fraudulently transferred to Jacqueline and Sarah.”

Says an attorney who knows the Howe family, Sarah and Jacqueline have most likely received tens of millions of dollars over a span of many years, that will have to be repaid.

Says John Bune, “If they received the funds and knew of John’s fraudulent activities, this case could be elevated to a criminal one with Sarah and Jacqueline as defendants.”

Another concern that Jacqueline and mother Sarah should have is whether John Howe and possibly they might be forced into bankruptcy by other creditors. If so, a bankruptcy trustee will seek recovery of those fraudulent transfers made over at least the past four years.

“Says Fraud Report’s Jacob Reinstein, “When Bernie Madoff committed fraud, the bankruptcy trustee sued wife Ruth Madoff and recovered most of her assets. Now, I hear Mrs. Madoff is living off of cat food.”

Could the same fate happen to Jacqueline Howe and her mother, Sarah?

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Dec 22, 2014

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