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Jacob's Champion Pumppers Trust Pump it off / false product sale product demonstrated was not the product sold

1 po box 2688 sumter sc 29151Sumter, SC, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 803-481-3190

the gentleman"bjorn Lewis" showed driver's liscence from Florida and began demonstrating product which cleaned leather couch, carpet, windows etc. I bought 1 bottle advertised at 49.95 then tax and processing fee totaled out to be 57.95. the sales receipt number is 21871 from Jacob's Champions I began trying to clean the same areas he demonstrated and the cleaner he sold me did nothing compared to what his demo product did. I tried looking up the product online and discovered a rip off/hoax listing had been posted about this same product. Is there a way to get a refund for this scam?

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  • Mr
      19th of Dec, 2009
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  • Ch
      10th of May, 2010
    +2 Votes

    dont listen to that ###. i use to work for the pumppers and it works you just have to pay attention to how to mix it because if you make it too strong it might mess up ypur furniture. we sprayed the ### in our mouths to show how safe it was and i was almost 6 1/2 months preganant when i was doing it.if it so toxic then why aint nothing wrong wit my baby. i worked for the pumppers but the chapmions sold the same product we did. she was probally one of them dumb chicks who got stranded where she was cause she ran off with somebody she met in that certain state and when she tried to come back they wouldn't take her. dumb ###.

  • Mr
      31st of May, 2010
    -1 Votes

    i dissagree i brought the same product and it to was expensive but you pay for what you get and its not the product that do not wor it is the person who is telling you how to use it maybe if you call the company then let them tell you the right way you will get better results .!!! and trust it happen to me but after dealing with the company directly i REODER EVERY YEAR!!! and its not good to post bad things just because you were told incorrectly.

    thanks for having a good product ms.clean

  • Jl
      3rd of Jul, 2010
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    I just got online to re-order my Mrs. Clean pump it off and was surprised to find so many complaints.
    I really like the stuff. Didn't have any problems with it and I have extremely sensitive skin.
    Mine is not green though it's pink. I wonder if there's a difference?

  • Jm
      13th of Jul, 2010
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    I bought the product based off the demonstration. I live in florida by the way and my product did not work. 3 cap full of pumppers for every one bottle i would say 64 oz of water. I tried to clean my lawn cutting shoes, the same ones that the guy demonstrated on and it didn't do a thing, I tried cleaning a spot on my garage door next to where the sales person cleaned, didnt' work. I even tried using it with out water. Since it is supposedly super concentrated, it should work even with out water, and guess didn't work. So even if I put too much or used it straight out the bottle, it should do some kind of cleaning, but it didn't clean a thing. So from my experience, it is a scam.

  • Mr
      23rd of Oct, 2010
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    Well, I have to admit I am a bit of a sucker and the salespeople were intriguing, so I was worried that I might have been ripped off. But, as soon as I got the product I mixed as directed (1oz to 32oz water) & proceeded to remove a coffee stain from my carpet. It completely removed the stain, I could see the coffee in the cleaning rag. So now I have this really clean spot on my carpet, so I'm going to have to go ahead & use it in my steam cleaner to clean all my carpeting. I also tried it out on a bunch of stuff & ended up with a really disgusting looking cleaning rag. 57 bucks was a bit staggering, but when you break it down to 32 bottles of cleaner, that is only about 1.60 a bottle, cheap. Thanks Pumppers.

  • Be
      21st of Dec, 2010
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    jacobs champions is the best

  • Jc
      9th of Aug, 2011
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    I have had no problem with the product. I was a bit concerned after purchasing seeing all of the negative comments about it online but now I am convinced that this product is wonderful. The sales person that I had was wonderful, not pushy or irritating. She did her demo on everything from my drive way to my carpets. She mixed me my own bottle and used my bottle on more demos proving to me that it was the same product. I just did my entire carpet in my bedroom via my shampooer with this product and my carpets look brand new. I will never buy another carpet clean ever again as long as this is here. I took pics of my carpet and sent them to my family recommending the product. I have not tried it on the others things yet but I will and I am sure I will be please with the product and the price I paid.

  • Re
      21st of Aug, 2011
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    I bought the product several years ago and Love it. It works great. I have no complaints and am glad to now know I don't have to treat it like gold since I can reorder!

  • To
      30th of Oct, 2011
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    A saleslady named Wendy approached my home asking if my daugthers name was Maddison? As I couldnt locate my daughter that was supposed to be riding her bike. Turns out my daughter had came in and was in my bathroom as I approached my front door. Wendy (saleswoman asked me if I had ever tried these cleaning products she was selling. I said no. She began complimenting how I looked so young, loved my hair, etc..She was quite charming. She then began spraying this cleaning solution in a blue bottle on my sidewalk to show me how great it was. She got my attention. She told me it cleans anything and was totally natural and opens her mouth and sprayed it into her mouth (Clever). She then asked if I had a shoe as I was standing with my door open. I allowed her in for the shoe thing but she started spaying this product all over varies household stuff..Such as tile, windows, carpet and so on. I asked her to explain to me a little about the company. She then told me that it was a charity to help troubled teans with a second chance at life. They had been around over 25 years..(Yet a LIE) She was very convincing. Even standing in my kitchen as Im getting my purse asking if she could have a grape in a dish I had on the counter. I guess that was another way to distract me who knows. At this point Im wondering if she is just good at her job or is she scamming me. I gave her the money for the product which was 54.95+ handling and tax as she stated for a total of 62.00 cash. Now she has my money and hands me a pick bottle of solution where the one she was using was blue. I became concerned. I asked her why it was pink and not blue like hers. She said its just a differant scent (STRAWBERRY) Where before she told me they were all natural and no scent (Yet another LIE ) She mixed the solution for me and I tried it on the floor and didnt see much differance but by this time I think I already knew I was scammed. I just wanted her to leave as it was getting uncomfortable. As soon as she left I lloked her company up online and I was shocked..My story to a "T" with many others. There was even an assult charge on one of their salesman who was arrested for assulting her in one of these Scams they were running. I was furious!!! I called the number on the receipts early houses the next morning to see if the company even existed. It was lie 3am as I couldnt even sleep after reading all I had read. Nikki answered the phone to my surprise.803-481-3190. I told her what I felt had happened to me and she simply hung up on me. I called 2 additional times the following morning to speak with her supervisor if there is such a person. She told me he would find this comical and it wasnt her problem that my salesperson had lied about where proceeds go etc..It was on her pretty much wow!! I demanded a call from a supervisor. I recieved a call from a Thomas Marshall 803-316-5536 claiming he was the supervisor and returning my call. He said he was eating lunch so make it quick. I expressed my concerns and told him he should be ashamed of himself for what he does. He tells me Im crazy, mental, and a klans-man..This company needs to be shut down..On the receipt it says you have 3 days to cancel but of course there is no fax number to submit anything and the other numbers they give for the company are cell phones. I've never seen anything like this before ever..Please help me stop these crooks from striking again.. I called Nikki again acting like I was just a random customer and said can I please have your fax number she gave me 803-481-9738. i dont have a car so I have to wait til tomorrow to see if that to was a lie in order to submit my complaint for my refund. i do believe it's all LIES!!!Thank you

  • To
      30th of Oct, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Im going all the way to close this company down. Im in sales too and know how to rock Mr. marchalls world and it's on now...I have all the resourses ready to explode over here .How could I be so stupid

  • Su
      30th of Oct, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Suggest looking up the history of this guy. The company is as dodgy as they come and it is run by a Mr. Jacobs. Don't trust a cleaning company from your local town if you don't personally know who works there, go to an actual service center such as Autozone. Professionals use it for their cars and as well they use it for their curtains. That means it must be reliable.

    Whatever he is offering is just the opposite.

  • To
      8th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    These guys are ruthless and unreal...I went all the way with these SOB's ..If they are every in our community and caught again they will be arrested. I got my money back beacuse I went to the top..Im in sales and I know what a consumers rights are..You picked the wrong one to [censored] with over here...

  • Ju
      14th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    Pumppers Trust is now going by the name Chicnlynn Solutions.

  • Ja
      8th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    We just purchased this product but as he walked away and googled the company I came across a lot of negative reviews. I made my husband chase him down so we got our money back. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to share these experiences since I saved my money. I hope no others fall or this.

  • Si
      25th of Jul, 2013
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    I am so sorry many of you were ripped off. Let me explain something to you. First things first. There are three sides to this company. The first side is the product. The product works. Yes it really does. The product comes in a couple of choices in colors and scents. The product really is an amazing product.

    The second side of this company in my opinion are the owners and its employees. This is a very interesting dynamic. The owners named above advertise jobs with incredible potential, travel and all sorts of benefits. Once you show interest they immediately make arrangements for you to take a bus trip to wherever the pumpers are selling. Once the kids meet up with the rag tag group. I only say rag tag because these are young inexperienced black youths who are at wits end and desperate enough to go off away from family alone. These kids come from all sorts of back grounds. Single mothers, high school dropouts, ex-gang members, all sorts of socio disadvantaged backgrounds. I myself was one in 1995. I traveled with this group for about 5 months. There are positive and negatives. These kids gain a sense of family in each other. They move into a hotel for a week or two, daily motivation sessions are held early morning. Quota are set. Off to get food and knocking on doors by 9 am. Now is where things start to get interesting. After walking miles for twelve straight hours and no sales... The poor kid gets a draw of give dollars. Just enough to eat. So imagine, no sales for weeks. This poor kid can't find a buyer of a full bottle so he starts to sell ozs of the solution and pockets the money. He or she then adds water or some other cleaner to the solution to disguise their unscrupulous behavior. The company has a good product but its business practices encourages bad behavior.

    The third side to the company is the unsuspecting customer. Jane or jon answers the door and the demo begins. Where things go wrong is when as I explained previously you are or become a victim of the sales person not the company. Each sales person is an independent distributor. This is why when calls are made to the company they are met with unprofessional ism. The product works so they could care less about you and your complaint. Here is why, some customers but the product and use it then they call the company complaining it didn't work. I know, because one of my customers reported me making this claim. But I recorded all my sales and boy was she surprised to hear me tell her specifically this is the demo bottle right she replied right and thus is your bottle right she replied right then proceeded to clean everything I demo cleaned with her bottle and recorded her response to the confirmation. So, most of the time they think you are some crazy customer who is underestimating their intelligence and you are dishonest. Because the product really does work. So, if you end up with a product that doesn't work it's because the person at your door has been selling the solution in small quantities and he or she has to account for an entire bottle at 10pm.
    I'm sorry for all of your losses. But I will restate the product really does work. The reason I love this product is for two reason it dissolves gum and candle wax from any fabric.

  • Si
      18th of May, 2015
    0 Votes

    Wow, interesting...I'm sort of surprised and sort of not surprised to have found this thread. I was actually googling the product to find out how to re-order, as the bottle I bought 7 years ago just ran out.
    Granted, the sales process was a little weird and a little pushy. But the fact that it was supposedly a good cause for troubled youth was the main reason I bought it. At first glance it seems pricey, but the fact that it's lasted me 7 years sort of "dilutes" the initial cost.
    I found the product works great. It's my favorite de-greaser for the kitchen. This is why I was looking to re-order. I'm not interested in anyone coming to the house again...I'm hoping I can just order online. But with all the negative comments here, I'm having doubts now. Oh, well...I hope the cause was as worthy as they claimed.

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