Jack WillsConcealed customs fees

Warning to all Jack Wills online purchasers from the US: Your orders, which are shipped from the UK, may be subject to exhorbitant Fed Ex customs fees (in addition to shipping fees), and nothing on the Jack Wills website makes this clear to an online consumer, even in the small print of the Terms and Conditions, which are not obviously connected to your order or payment pages. We had no idea when we ordered and accepted the goods that an additional fee exceeding 25% of the purchase price awaited and would be invoiced to us directly from Fed Ex. We placed an order for about $200 and received a $53 customs bill from Fed Ex, after receiving and accepting the items. Jack Wills customer service adamantly refused to let us bill back to them the customs fee. Jack Wills customer service personnel were intransigent and rude; they refused to give us a contact name for more senior management to address the problem in a serious way. Please send a letter of complaint to CEO Wendy Becker if you have had this problem; the website conceals this risk from the online consumer, and it is unconscionable for a company of its magnitude to do so. It seems even worse somehow that the company has a main US office in Greenwich, CT.

Jan 28, 2015

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