Jack Keane & Ralph Peters / Portraits of 2 fox news luciferian zionist neocon warmongers

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Jack Keane and Ralph Peters - Portraits of 2 FoxNews Luciferian Zionist Neo-Con Warmongers

There are 2 ace #### warmongers regularly appearing on FoxNews who are no doubt remnants of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, who are literally beating the drum for stupid wars all across the globe on behalf of their Neo-Con Warmonger Military Industrial Complex/National Security State Luciferian Masters, and who constantly lie and bull#### their viewers on FoxNews attempting to get the public at large to demand the blood of innocents.

Their names are General Jack Keane and General Ralph Peters, both retired, who now are hard at work hawking military and death machine equipment for their respective employers at General Dynamics and other components of the American-imported NAZI national security state after World War 2.

Their chief targets are Iran and Russia, and they will not hesitate to lie, cheat and steal to galvanize support or their wanton bloodlust.

At any time when you are unfortunate enough to catch them on FoxNews for their 10 minute bloodthirsty segments, you are immediately bombarded and inundated with the following whole sale nonsense and deception:

(1) Russia is our primary adversary and must be destroyed at any and all costs;

(2) Iran is our primary adversary and must be destroyed at any and all costs;

(3) Starting World War 3 really wouldn’t be THAT bad for us; and

(4) other such assorted and vacuous bull####.

If you see these 2 [censored]es on television at any time in the future, the golden rule is - IGNORE.

Mar 16, 2017

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