Jack and Sallie SchraderSlum Lords

My husband and I rented a home in a rural area from Jack and Sallie Schrader. After moving in, some of the neighbors warned us to "change the locks because the lanlords will go through your closets." We thought they were just paranoid, they seemed like a descent older couple to us. Shortly after moving in they informed us they would put a storm door on the home. This project took about 10 hours one day. They brought grandkids over and their annoying little yippy dog with them. When the slum lords came over they knocked while opening the door. This really upset me.
Shortly after, my husband recieved a clipping in the paper about these people and how they stole the previous tenants rental deposit. This was delivered to my husband from the father of a seperate previous tenant.
Another time the water heater was leaking. They said they would replace it on Saturday. They showed up on a Wednesday morning while I was in my pajamas and having a dinner party with friends that evening. I talked to my mother on the phone about privacy laws while in the bedroom and they left shortly after.
These people had no problem showing up and invading our privacy. The home was run down, the spiget outside for the hose leaked into the basement and their was mold in the kitchen in bathroom. They demanded we keep their 3/4 of an acre of weeds mowed with a push mower. They walked into the home unanounced many times.
We were NEVER once late with our rent. We decided we weren't getting screwed out of a deposit like everyone else. So we told them they could keep our deposit for our last months rent. Jack proceeded to verbally abuse me for about 45 minutes. We got the hell out that weekend AND my husband wrote them a check for the week we were there. We left the house spotless and the yard perfect (with my pretty flower beds and mulch). Haven't heard from those slum lords since.


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