J. Yeider / history channel

I want to you to know that our whole family USE TO LOVE YOUR CHANNEL over all the rest. Has someone lost their mind??? Who is making the piss poor decisions on what to play? Who ever it is, this person is obviously very lazy and unmotivated because you are playing the same thing back to back, even with your commercials. The drug rehab company must be paying someone a lot of money under the table because THATS ALL WE SEE. Or just take your regular programs, a whole day of knife making or Ancient aliens, REALLY? Are you so lazy you can't even throw in some different show just once in 24 hours? I am calling Dish and cutting it off due to the fact your channel has become so lazy it no longer cares about the feelings of its viewers. Give me a call when you can play something, and I mean anything accept ANCIENT ALIENS, FORGED STEEL AND DRUG REHAB. Fire this person who is NOT doing their damn job and just allowing the same show to play over and over again for 24 hours at a time. Sad, very sad, you were one of the best until this person for put into the wrong position.

Nov 24, 2017

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