J C Penn'ys / unprofessional management

I put in a application online at J C Penny's and got a interview on October 17, 2017 went through the second part of the interview and was told how much I would get paid, it was seasonal position, and they had flex hours I took the manager my schedule from my other job and he told me that would help him, I was told the background check take a day or a week, 2 weeks had gone by so I called and he told me that he had 60 employees he had to get to and he was doing that by himself, I understood that another 2 weeks went by and so I just happened to drive up there on my way home from work to check the status and I seen the manager helping a customer, I asked him when he gets a chance can I talk with him he said sure and soon as I turned around he was gone out of site just disappeared, all this manager had to tell me the first time I went up there, that we didn't need you at this time we will keep your application on file for ever how long that was the right way to handle the situation I could of been looking for me another part time job now the Holiday's are here. I wanted my story to be heard because know one should have to go through what this manager took me through, that is unprofessional and unacceptable to be treated in such a manner when all he could of said is we don't need you at this time, managers need more training on being professional and more training themselves on customer service skills.

Nov 14, 2017

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